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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Displaying Budget Entries


At this page, you can display the list of budget entries by the selected division. Based on the criteria that you choose the budget entries can be filtered and displayed by period, budget scenarios, status, and many more.

Menu path


Roles & rights

To display the budget entries, function right 127 - View budgets by division is required. Users with the General manager and Controller roles have this function right.

When you need to create, edit, approve, or reopen the budget entries from this page, function right 72 - Maintain budget entries is required. Users with the General manager and Controller roles have this function right.

For more details on what you can do with function rights or levels, go to System/Setup/Security/Function rights, select the required module, and then click on the relevant ID. To find out the functions you can perform with a particular role, go to System/Setup/Security/Roles, type in the description, click Refresh and then click the required link under the Role column.



Click this to display the budget entries according to the defined criteria.

Note: Once you have clicked this button, the name of the button will change to Refresh.


Click this to update the results according to the defined criteria.


Click this to clear the defined criteria so that you can start a new search.


Click this to approve the budget entries that are in the draft status.


Click this to process the budget entries that are in the approved status.


Click this to reopen all the processed or approved budget entries in the draft status.

Entry: Period

Click this to create the new budget entries by period. For more information, see Creating Budget Entries.


Click this to exit.


Criteria section


Select a division linked to the budget entries. For more information on creating and modifying divisions, see Creating and Modifying Divisions.

Layout / Scenario

Select one of the following options to determine the type of layout you wish to display for the budget entries:

  • P&L / Status
  • Balance / Status
  • P&L / Period
  • Balance / Period
  • Entry

Select the available budget scenario listed at Scenario. For more information on creating budget scenarios, see Creating Budget Scenarios.

Note: The budget scenario displayed is based on the year that you select at Year.


Select G/L, Category, or Category +G/L to group and display the search results according to the general ledger accounts, category, or category and general ledger accounts.

Note: The general ledger accounts categories are enabled when you select Category, or Category +G/L.

Currency / Factor

At Factor, select the available currency factor for the system to display the amount of budget entries based on the factor selected.

Note: By default, the currency displayed is based on the division selected at Division.

Year / Period

At Year and Period, select a year and then type a period or range of periods that you want to display for the budget entries.

All / Status

Select the All check box to display all the general ledger accounts that are or not linked to the budget entries. Select the status of the budget entries that you want to display at Status.

Note: Status is enabled when you select P&L / Period, Balance / Period, or Entry at Layout.


Click at the title bar to customize the fields or sections. You can add or remove existing criteria based on your preferences by selecting or clearing the relevant check boxes. Click Save to save the settings, Reset to clear the selections, or Close to exit without saving. Take note of the following sections/fields:

Criteria section

You can define the relevant information on the criteria such as Resource, Item, Account, Project, and many more.

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