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Exact Synergy   

Hardware and Software requirements for Exact Synergy

To guarantee sufficient application performance and correct functioning of Exact Synergy, servers and clients must meet a minimal configuration. A general indication is displayed in the linked documents below, which covers most small- and medium scale installations. Not unlike many other software products, using hardware, which outperforms the minimal requirements, can increase application performance. Therefore, Exact Software offers both minimal and recommended system requirements. Exact Synergy is scalable up to a high number of users, but hardware requirements should then of course be determined on specific terms in these cases.

Please take into account that third party software products such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and Microsoft SQL Server have their own system requirements which might be different from the system requirements of Exact Globe Next. Moreover, please note that Exact follows the Microsoft support lifecycle policy. In this policy Microsoft provides guidelines for product support availability throughout a product lifecycle. For more information, see Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy.

In this document you'll find an overview of Exact Synergy system requirements per product update.



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