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Document Structure in Classic Mode

Document Structure in Classic Mode


The document structure in Exact Synergy Enterprise serves to organize the documents of an organization. Organizing documents in a category structure is one way of doing this. The Classic document structure mode uses the categories to organize the documents created. This places documents based on a main category, category and subcategory structure. This will group similar documents together. You can locate documents easier when they are organized properly into the relevant categories.


The Classic document strucure mode has some of the following characteristics:

  • When creating documents, you can select the category in which to save documents.


  • When searching for documents, you can select the category in which to search.


  • You can view documents based on categories in Document Explorer.


  • You can create main categories, categories and subcategories.


In order to check if you are in the Classic mode, go to Documents/Setup/Maintenance/Settings. The current document structure option is shown at Document Structure in the Document Structure section.


Note: The Document Structure field is available only if you are using Exact Synergy Enterprise updated to product update 240. If you have a newly installed copy of product update 240, this is not available.

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