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Central Warehouse, export invoices error: "Already used: Entry number"


When starting Central Warehouse "Export Invoices", and enabling setting "send again", one or more invoices fail with this error:

Company (): Error: Sales order (): Unknown error. CW Invoice (9000037): SDKFinancialEntry.ValidateHeader: Field 'Entry number', Value ' 9600056': Already used: Entry number( 9600056)
Company (): Error: Sales order (): Unknown error. ProcessFinEntryPostFinal: Amutak ID is nil!
Company (): Error: Sales invoice (): Unknown error
Company (): Error: Sales invoice (): Purchase invoice: Not processed.


This error will show when a previously exported purchase invoice was deleted in the sales company, and this invoice was exported again using "send again".
The determination of which entry number to use, seems to fail here.


Change the next entry number to use in maintenance of journals: [System/Finance/Journals]. Open the purchase journal in question, and change the next entry number on tab 'Numbers' for the right financial year, add 1 to the proposed entry number.

Then start the invoice export again.

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