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Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: Audit File 3.1 (XAF) improved (Dutch legislation)

The output of the XAF file has been restructured, whereby all non-related debtor information, VAT code, and journals, also known as master data, will no longer be included in the generated files. The new format of the XAF file will now only generate master data that is related to the reported invoices.

For a single audit file, the master data is generated before the invoice details. For the split audit file, the master data is generated in the first file, and the invoice transactions information is generated in the following files. There will be no repetition of master data in every split file.

The following are the conditions for the audit split file:

  • The first file always contains header, company information, and master data,
  • the transaction information will be generated in the second file onwards and every continuation file will contain an XML comment with format “<!-....->” with a statement “Sequence file x of y” in the Dutch language, where X and Y are the applicable numbers, and
  • the naming convention for the split files will follow the first file name with extended format of “_XX” where “XX” are the sequence numbers. 

The following is a sample of the files with the new naming convention:

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