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PU 423|422|421 (Globe) and 500|422|421 (Globe+): Data management and schema version for JPK_VDEK format enhanced (Polish legislation)

We have enhanced the data management and schema version for the JPK_VDEK format in this product update. You can take advantage of the new enhancements in the following screens:

VAT register

You no longer need to define the nature of the transactions when generating the VAT register. Thus, the Nature field in the VAT codes has been removed. Moving forward, the procedural markings can only be linked at Delivery and service indicator (accessible through System > Finance > Delivery and service indicator) and no longer through the VAT code linked to the field. 

In addition, the Schema group field is added in the VAT register screen (accessible through Finance > VAT / Statistics > VAT register). The value at this field will be updated automatically based on the year that is selected.


Delivery and service indicator 

A new set of GTU codes and procedural markings are added to support the latest schema version for the financial year 2022. The GTU codes and procedural markings are added under schema group JPK_VAT(2) with the existing procedural markings belonging to schema group JPK_VAT(1).

The schema group JPK_VAT(2) is now used when generating the VAT register and VAT return for the financial year 2022 onwards.

The following buttons are also available in the screen:

  • Edit: This button allows you to update the description of the GTU codes and procedural markings for both schema groups.
  • Copy: This button allows you to copy all existing links for each procedural marking from schema group JPK_VAT(1) to JPK_VAT(2).

Note that for GTU codes, only linked elements (item code and G/L account) that meet the existing guidelines will be copied.

Additionally, the following procedural markings are renamed as follows:


New procedural marking






Note that the above markings are only available for sales transactions.

VAT return

The Schema group field is also added in the header section of the VAT return. To support the changes in the latest schema, the following tabs are also updated:

VAT: Purchase tab

The options 540 and 560 are added in the tab and can only be selected for the latest schema version. The description for options 55, 56, 57, and 58 are updated to reflect the changes in the latest schema. Note that you can only select one option from this group.


VAT: Additional information tab

The option 660 is added in the tab and only available for the latest schema. The option is disabled for the old schema.


VAT: Transactions tab

The GTU codes and procedural markings for each VAT transaction is now shown in detail in this tab. You can filter the information by the GTU codes, procedural markings, or other standard filter options.


Furthermore, you can also edit the GTU codes and procedural markings for a single transaction, or a set of transactions in the tab. You can do this when you create a new VAT return.

Keep in mind that when you delete a VAT return, changes that are made to the GTU codes and procedural markings will be discarded and cannot be restored.

When you view the VAT transactions after defining the filter options, you will then see the GTU codes and procedural markings for the transactions based on your selection in the filter options.


For more information, see Product Updates 420 and 419: JPK_VDEK electronic VAT reporting format introduced (Polish legislation).

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