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Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy

To ensure our products work correctly we provide the hardware and software requirements which can be found in the system requirements per product update. For the software requirements we recommend that you use specific product releases of Microsoft products. The software releases which we advise you to use are the best products to work with at the time of publishing the system requirements.

How does it work in practice?

Microsoft uses a fixed lifecycle policy for the older products, and a modern lifecycle policy for most of the newer products, for example, for Microsoft Windows 10.

In the fixed lifecycle policy, you can find the supported dates for the Microsoft products and the service packs. After this date, Exact will not support the Microsoft product anymore independent from what is stated in the Exact system requirements for a specific product update.

In the modern lifecycle policy, there are no fixed dates but the product will be updated regularly, and the customers are required to have the current product. For example, the Microsoft Windows lifecycle factsheet for Microsoft Windows 10. For more information on the Microsoft Windows factsheet, see

In situations as described above Exact follows the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy. As a result, Exact does not support Microsoft products which are not anymore supported by Microsoft.

Before providing new system requirements, we will verify which Microsoft products are supported by Microsoft. The system requirements which are already published might have an out-dated list of supported Microsoft products. For the current overview of supported products of Microsoft we refer to the Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy.

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