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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

SDK for Exact Synergy Enterprise - Introduction

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1. Preface
2. SDK 
3. Data model and database customizations
4. Exact e-Synergy & Globe integrated


1. Preface

The Exact Software Development Kit (SDK) is a toolkit for software developers to configure and customize the standard software products of Exact Software. Configuration and customization is used for two main purposes:

  • Development of verticals
    Vertical are solutions on top of the standard software meant to serve branch specific functionality. Example for instance is the Rental & Field service solution.
  • Development customer specific solutions
    Customer specific solutions are solutions on top of the standard software meant to serve specific functionality required by a single costomer.

SDK is meant for three types of developers:

  • Exact Strategic groups having a custom solution development team
  • Exact Business partners having a custom solution development team
  • Large customers having an IT department.

For Exact Synergy and Exact Globe an SDK exists based on the COM and ASP technology. With the development of Exact Synergy Enterprise, it is required to allow developers to configure and customize using the .NET platform.

2. SDK 

The SDK for Exact Synergy Enterprise differs completely from the SDK for Exact Synergy. There are two main differences:

  • The platform for development is .NET 2.0 and no longer Win32 (COM)
    This means the environment are not compatible and therefore existing customization need to be migrated to the new platform
  • The SDK for Exact Synergy Exact Synergy Enterprise is fully integrated in the Exact Synergy Exact Synergy Enterprise development environment.
    SDK developers use the full standard development environment to develop and configure verticals and custom solutions

The concept for the SDK remains the same: verticals and custom solutions can be developed and implemented batch independent. The core system layer of Exact Synergy Enterprise allows a flawless integration of standard components and custom components using techniques such as XML and inheritance.

What SDK developers will notice is that SDK components have become obsolete. This will however require SDK developers to get inside knowledge of the Exact Synergy Enterprise development environment.

Another important aspect is that Exact Synergy Exact Synergy Enterprise developers need to be aware of SDK developers and custom solutions. Exact Synergy Exact Synergy Enterprise developers need to ensure compatibility of the development environment and develop standard components based also on SDK guidelines.

3. Data model and database customizations

Due to the fact that the data model and the database for e-Synergy is not changed, current customization do not require a conversion. The SDK will support the same data model and customizations as for the classic Exact e-Synergy.

Improvements in the repository for Exact e-Synergy will however allow more features. When using those features customization created in .NET will not be backwards compatible.

4. Exact e-Synergy & Globe integrated

Globe will remain COM based and so will be the SDK for Exact Globe. The level of integration of Exact e-Synergy and Globe lies only within the data model and database contents.

Since the platforms (.NET 2.0 and Win32) can be used next to each other there are not technical conflicts between customization based on COM and customization based on .NET

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