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Exact Globe+ - Product Update 503 Summary

These release notes contain information regarding the changes in the software in product update 503 of Exact Globe+ compared to the previous release. Before performing an update it is important to back-up the Exact databases and read the release notes and system requirements for the specific product update.

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Cash Flow General Automatic write-off settlement discount functionality introduced for bank import When a sales invoice with a settlement discount is fully paid within the payment date of the discount term, the discount term will be written off automatically during the bank import. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b3d81d18e-8c4c-42a4-b760-15afab36d725%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Cash Flow General Bank import reconciliation for CAMT53 and MT940 based on REMI introduced We added the Run: Matching rules (REMI)process at Cash flow > Entries > Import for CAMT53 and MT940. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7ba570d1c3-8b01-41e3-b416-26c189557e0e%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Germany Updated ERiC MSI for year 2024 (German legislation) You can install ERiC MSI at System > Local > ERiC MSI. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b24502900-f353-43c9-ab0f-f1361deee2b1%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Germany Submit selected VAT returns through ERiC (German legislation) With this update you can choose the VAT returns that you want to send for submission through ERiC DocView.aspx?DocumentID={ec9df3a0-05d7-47b3-8a0d-d759e67535f1}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Polish national e-Invoice system (Polish legislation) Exact Globe+ supports the KSeF invoices that includes the framework of submitting e-Invoices to the KSeF portal and import received e-Invoices into the Exact Globe+ administration. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b7b38651e-d1b0-4fc1-836f-72e25802ac5f%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Country Specific Netherlands Opening balance calculated automatically for Rabobank (Netherlands legislation) The Transactions check box under the Electronic banking integration section in the Cash instruments screen must be selected for the opening and closing balance to be calculated automatically. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b2d39f3a4-793f-4179-98b3-36961adff016%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
ELIS SRXP New Attachments option for Exact SRXP add on Now, with the new Attachments option, you can enable or disable the synchronisation of attachments according to your needs. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b7f351742-582b-4c09-9640-419e82b52d99%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
ELIS General Exact Globe Next is not supported by Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) from product update 503 onwards From product update 503 onwards, Exact Globe Next (EGN) is no longer supported by Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS). DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b98cfd6ed-9074-44ec-afc9-ff15054461ec%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Finance General Enhancements to Bank accounts screen In this product update we made a few enhancements to the Bank accountsscreen such as the ability for individual bank accounts to have their own Payee name and the ability to deactivate bank accounts. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b150ef5bf-dd1c-405f-ab86-886b1057869e%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Finance General ISO codes for counties in Kenya update We have updated the codes available for the counties in Kenya in the account maintenance screen. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b78592361-9e4b-42fa-9b4e-7d83be531ae1%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Invoice General Improvements to the Invoice history screen We have improved the Invoice historyscreen at Invoice > Reports > Invoice historyto provide more information about the email history of processed invoices. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bbda331cd-5fd1-4679-ae3b-4db0a52e27ad%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Invoice General Email template for sales invoices, purchase orders, RTV orders, and blanket PO You can use an email template to include sales invoices, purchase orders, RTV orders, and blanket PO information. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b99fdfb01-680f-4f11-9baf-0c2162170031%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Order General CC and BCC fields added in print screens We added the CC and BCC fields in several screens. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b00c72118-6c7d-446b-b2db-a055b3465a17%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Country name changed to Türkiye and Republic of North Macedonia We have updated the country name at the Description field in the Maintain countries screen at System > General > Countries > Countries. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7be18fddf5-870a-47ed-9aa5-470fe80ff759%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Command Line Generator for Exact.XML.Launcher now available With this update, the Exact.XML.Launcher.Tools.exe tool is available for use. You can use this tool to generate the command line for the Exact.XML.Launcher tool DocView.aspx?DocumentID={5a8dfa83-24b4-453e-9549-2a231f9e8f8f}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Split screens supported Split screen layout are supported. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bc85fbf96-8a81-40d3-b728-c1e88cc72c82%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Usability improvement in browser screens We have added a check box column to all screens. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7baa93d2c1-64a1-463d-b6fa-256f55406a45%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Updated version of third party software Bouncy Castle With PU503, we have updated Bouncy Castle C# to version 1.9.0. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7baf96bd87-bdbd-4152-a917-9d009d359663%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Ability to hide image or text in printout and print preview A new setting is introduced for the document layout. With this setting, you can choose to display the image or text block on the printout. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b383d5e33-5f8d-456d-83dc-debdfb6c4d0c%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System Settings Associated Accounts functionality extended to International legislation The Associated Accounts functionality is essential for multi-level profit & loss year-end processing. With this product update, the functionality is now extended to the International legislation. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={9a7b2101-ed26-43d8-aff5-764137b569f7}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Postcodes for Utrecht updated We have updated the state to UTfor postcodes 4140 to 4145 and 4163. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b21c154f8-a27d-492e-91e0-d9c36281e563%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Whitelist functionality in Exact Globe+ document explorer You can now configure a list of acceptable file types (known as whitelist) in the Exact Globe+ document explorer. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b7b0d84d9-e6eb-4abb-a00a-66b203ff7e4a%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Exact Globe+ supports Multi-factor authentication (MFA) Exact Globe+ now supports MFA for Microsoft Entra ID (previously known as Microsoft Azure Active Directory) and Auth0 identity providers. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b334469af-06db-4bae-9546-4fc7946c98d9%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
System General Improved license activation With this product update, we have improved the license activation process. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b662269ec-235c-4414-aad8-512b99b6a26e%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
System General Support for Microsoft Active Accessibility We have improved the software accessibility support. You can now use Exact Globe+ with third party accessibility tools that support Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA). DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7be1700a18-4f63-47a3-a9fb-1822eb72cb6c%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Print collective invoices history enhanced (Japanese legislation) You can now reprint the collective invoice history in the Collective invoicesscreen. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b25c54175-5e94-43b3-9acf-9bd2af09e908%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Cash Flow View function rights available for cash-in and cash-out transactions in cash flow We have introduced the To view only cash-in/cash-out transactionsfunction right for the Cash flowrights at HR > People > User rights. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bfb62cf11-e460-47c1-b20e-5039adf97449%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Finance Non-Deductible VAT function made available for all legislations From this product update onwards, the non-deductible VAT function, which is an optional function, is enabled for all legislations. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={e32c6dc0-03bc-4e98-91fd-ed9d6b1b2fbb}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases System Exact Globe+ now available in 64-bits version With this product update, you can choose to install the 64-bits version of Exact Globe+. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={e193ecc3-a8fa-4a39-b07f-0897c100ad9b}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific E-Invoice BIS 3.0 PINT format introduced (Japanese legislation) We introduced the PINT format for the Japanese debtors. The e-Invoice in the XML format is generated during the final phase of the invoice processing if you have select the eInvoicecheck box in the debtor maintenance screen or Print invoicesscreen. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bd4fe8a30-e9a1-4909-804c-834c195d8b43%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific 1099 Category available for SDK (American legislation) We have exposed the 1099 Category field for SDK purposes. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b50437879-e2c6-428b-bbba-6a5e4f8d8560%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Finance Routing numbers updated for FEP and PCN bank formats for Antilles banks We have replaced all existing routing numbers with new routing numbers for all Antilles banks. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b0e9431c4-52be-494c-90bb-0c7d1f3cd44a%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases System Transferring legislation support for 20 countries to International legislation With this product update, individual legislation support for 20 countries has ended and is replaced by the International legislation license. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={497e64ef-a5a8-406e-9283-588a1ba75edc}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases System Updated SDKSettings component There is an update to the SDKSettings component. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={5ca32660-5448-4acd-aab4-7b5eafad795d}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Grouping of items for the same Intrastat period in the Intrastat return (Italian legislation) We will group the positive and negative quantity lines and display the total amount for the Intrastat of the same product item regardless of the transaction type (invoice, credit note, fulfilment, receipt, return fulfilment, or return receipt). DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b527dfd81-4dd0-4533-a8f4-d8764050314e%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases System Security features enhanced in Diagnose process You must go through several checks before you can start the Repairin the Diagnoseprocess. Additionally, you can now export the diagnostic check to Microsoft Excel. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bcb0aaa8b-ada5-483b-ae1d-9ff1687c267d%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Price differences for invoices based on settings (Japanese legislation) The price differences between sales invoices and entries made to the sales journal will be adjusted based on the settings. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bf639adbf-1aa2-4e3e-808b-4cdcf3778110%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Invoice Description fields available for invoice history You can select the Description 1, Description 2, and Description 3 fields in the Define columns screen for the invoice history. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b79d01184-2658-4746-b3a3-0ac122312ca6%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Finance German Leitweg ID field extended to 50 characters The Leitweg IDfield can contain a maximum of 46 characters. In this product update, we extended the length of the field to 50 characters. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b8c1597d9-139d-437c-b70a-fcabb1ebf077%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Finance Support for updated Australian ANZ bank statement CSV format There is an update to the ANZ bank statement's CSV format. You must install this product update to continue importing bank statements from ANZ bank. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={bcdfab2e-6395-477c-a10e-a92ac69f829c}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases System Test licenses supported Now a specific “Test license” type is available and with that, the test license can be recognised automatically as a test license. You can use the test license to create a new database and update to a test license if the test license account number matches the account number of the current licence. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bdaca21df-4f99-444b-a9e0-2740d71b112f%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Cash Flow CAMT53 and CAMT54 file enhancements When you import the CAMT53 file through Cash flow > Entries > Import, you will see the cheque number in the cash flow entry with the <ChqNb> tag. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b1d6a3a54-2c52-4a81-b10f-9e6bd4281a94%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Finance Domestic bank payment file in CFD format for CZ banks updated We have updated the domestic bank files in CFD format. DocumentID=%7b841f6393-5a84-4914-9139-33dd9f5d6072%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific QR code available for all debtors (Swiss legislation) You can send invoices to all the debtors with the QR-bill (debtors from other countries). DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bf1ed93b9-ad62-4cb9-bee1-046fe650fc94%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Invoice German X-Rechnung updated to version 2.3 We have updated the German X-Rechnung to version 2.3. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b6d656f0c-0c45-465d-b97d-2f6dd5145dd0%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Updated Golden Tax reporting method (Chinese legislation) Exact Globe+ now utilises invoices and VAT invoices templates for Golden tax reporting purposes. By exporting invoices into these templates, you can import them to the China Golden Tax system to issue the e-fapiao. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b990bd95d-5421-47ae-857b-85237cbb8468%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific VAT return 2024 (Swiss legislation) We have updated the Swiss VAT form to comply with year 2024 submissions. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b57f7eedf-f2df-4297-8c53-0311f2b9f6bb%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Updated XBRL format to support new taxonomy 6.6 (German legislation) In accordance with the German legislation requirements for the year 2024, we have updated the XBRL taxonomy version. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={a56b90a9-298a-4e00-9f48-cc734f5cebaa}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Cash Flow Change of file naming convention for SDD and SCT files If the SEPA credit transfer and the bank links for payments are enabled for the Rabobank cash instrument, the generated SCT file will use a specific naming convention. DocumentID=%7b34a6d452-212f-44db-9110-2752d925f6bf%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Changes to VAT 390 annual model for 2023 (Spanish legislation) The tax file format for model 390 has changed for the 2023 filing year. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b63200fd8-e1f9-4a25-ba6c-b23d7ee66e53%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Cash Flow Validation check for imported electronic banking files The electronic banking import solution now validates if the entries in the bank statement from Rabobank exist in the administration. If the entries are already in the administration, the system will not import them. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b9912bb5b-3a2d-4d0d-bb57-6bc0ce2c22f1%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Grouping of service items for same Intrastat period in Intrastat return (Italian legislation) In the Italian Intrastat return, the positive and negative quantities are grouped together for the stock items but not for service items. If you need to make corrections or create credit notes for service items, you can group the correction items to the original invoice number. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bea044b49-0a11-4f55-8120-9a01b4839967%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Changes in VAT return 2024 (Luxembourg legislation) We have added the 769 (purchase basis) and 770 (VAT to pay) VAT boxes in the maintenance screen. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b44e70380-8c1e-45f5-8534-d45c187ada3f%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Changes to VAT return 2024 (German legislation) We have updated the monthly and quarterly VAT return form for the year 2024. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b74afdc7e-7012-4306-9688-d5ecb4a4baa6%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Inclusion of ERiC in System submenu (German legislation) With this update, the latest version of the third party tool, Elster Rich Client (ERiC) Development Toolkit, is made available from Exact Globe+ submenu DocView.aspx?DocumentID={ee0a168f-d84e-4e38-b99b-e3c08fc2124a}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Changes to VAT 190 annual model for 2023 (Spanish legislation) We have made changes in this product update to the values in positions 323 to 500 in the file. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b403c502c-eb4e-4f41-a9b7-4f4fdcfeb961%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Changes to petty cash slip 2024 (Czech Republic legislation) You will see 12% and 21% VAT rate on the petty cash slip for the year 2024. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b3ba63542-e110-4e4d-b537-d7077cd66f0d%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Changes to 2024 VAT return (French legislation) We have updated and to comply with the 2024 VAT return. You are advised to update your software to ensure accurate submissions. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={08d8f1c6-b64b-458d-843d-567b0da79368}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific X-Rechnung updated to version 3.0 (German legislation) We have updated the German X-Rechnung to version 3.0. This version takes effect from February 2024 onwards. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={c78ef275-ad51-465d-bc2b-b34e9e98b54c}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Country code and VAT number will be displayed in EU sales list reports based on VAT number of country or delivery address (Austrian legislation) The EU sales list reports will now display the country and VAT number of the transactions from the invoice history. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bca66873a-c19b-4c9a-88d9-6991ebdf037a%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Price differences based on tax codes (Japanese legislation) The price differences will be assigned accordingly based on the VAT code. This is to ensure both the VAT overview screen and sales journal screen have the same amount. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b0ef61449-c21b-45b6-a9e0-57830e2b04dd%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Prorate VAT return 2024 (Belgian legislation) On January 1, 2024, Belgium introduced the mixed taxable entities to calculate their VAT deduction with the general pro rata method. With this change, you can now manually specify the percentage and export it into the VAT return form. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b2ce2bf96-cdbf-4134-b40c-b230c30bda30%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific VAT return correction 2024 (Swiss legislation) Exact Globe+ will use the updated VAT return correction layout if the Calendar year defined at Finance > VAT / Statistics > Value added tax declaration is greater or equal to 2024. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7beb684ab8-2f59-4684-87b7-f78ced3ecaf2%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific New taxonomy for VAT returns, VAT corrections, and EU sales lists in 2024 supported (Dutch legislation) We have updated the taxonomy version with new XBRL message headers. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b12b57fdb-8ceb-4291-a9a5-515731c8251e%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific Changes in root certificate for Digipoort in June and July 2024 (Dutch Legislation) Digipoort uses PKIoverheid certificates for signing and securing communications but this certificate can expire and must be replaced periodically. Several of these certificates are expiring soon and must be replaced in June and July 2024. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={28f9fc68-edf1-435b-8e05-00c7fab5c80c}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Cash Flow Updates to Italian CBI SCT 00.04.01 and SDD 00.01.01 export file format We have added the options for the CBIPaymentRequest.00.04.01 and CBISDDReqLogMsg.00.01.01 file formats. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bc0c40c0d-cd5e-4c7c-b752-3d269971823a%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
Updates to past releases Country Specific ZATCA e-Invoice improved to include Item code, Sales order ID and Delivery note number (Middle East legislation) We have made improvements to the ZATCA e-Invoice XML file. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b195fb825-2cba-4b2a-8b07-7a2f491092a1%7d&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
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