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The Exact Excel Add-In allows you to use data from your Exact administration in Excel 2010 or higher. This data can be shown and used for calculations and comparisons. Furthermore, you can look up data from your master files in a simple way and generate standard overviews.

This manual explains how to install the Excel Add-In and in which way you can use Excel in combination with the Add-In. This manual assumes that you are familiar with Excel. For more information regarding general Excel functionality, the use of pull-down menus, copying cells and so on, we refer to your Excel manual.

The Exact Excel Add-in can be installed using ODBC (until version 7.12) or webservices (version 7.20 and higher). The main advantage of using webservices is the fact that the users and rights from Exact Financials are used in the Excel Add-in while using ODBC needs direct and full database access on all data.

System requirements (ODBC)

To use Exact Excel Add-In (ODBC), the following items are required besides this package (Until version 7.12):

  • Excel Add-In software and license.
  • An ODBC driver for your database (Progress SQL92 ODBC driver / Oracle ODBC / IBM AS/400 Client Access / SQL server)
  • Excel 2010 or higher. Excel has to be installed together with the DAO (Data Access Objects) functionality.

System requirements (Webservices)

To use Exact Excel Add-in in combination with webservices (Version 7.20 and higher):

  • Excel Add-in software and license.
  • Excel 2010 or higher.
  • Apache Tomcat

Installation procedure:

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