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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Exact Synergy Enterprise license roles

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Report Manager role

Maintain report groups

Maintain reports
Maintain data sources
Maintain schedules
Maintain subscriptions
Start redeployment



Hour Entry role

Become project members

Realize hour booking request
Access the hour entry screen, enter new hours, reject booked hours or enter new hours
Access the offline hour entry menu path to download/upload a weekly Excel spreadsheet



Incoming Invoice Register role

Open an Incoming Invoice Register requests that are assigned to this user

View the attached invoice document
View the attached financial transaction data from Exact Globe
Write remarks in the incoming invoice requests
Approve or reject the Incoming Invoice Register Request



Service Management role

View and maintain service contracts

View and maintain service configurations
View and maintain service activities
Generate service invoice proposals
Use the visual drag & drop planboard
View and maintain the service requests
Search for service contracts, configurations, activities and invoice proposals
Generate preventive maintance activities
View and maintain contract templates 
View and maintain service reponse times
View and maintain problem and solution codes
View and maintain service activity types
View and maintain default contract rates
View and maintain preventive maintenance types
View and maintain default contract types
View and maintain agreements and agreements sets



Project Manager role

View, create, edit and search for projects

View, create, edit and search for project-specific documents
View, create, edit and search for PSA-related request types
View planning
View information in opportunity cards
Create budget approval requests and break the budget into individual lines
Add people as project members
Add child projects to projects
Plan for project members either individually or in bulk
Download hour entry sheets and upload them back to Exact Synergy Enterprise
Approve hours via a dedicated page
Create invoices and term invoices
Define the scope of the project



Add-on Enabling role

See the add-on solutions


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