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WMS Inventory: Recounts

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This document describes the functionality of recounts in WMS Guided Counts.


Recounts for WMS Guided Counts was introduced in product update 403, and is a sub process within the WMS counts process. Recounts can be repeated until you 'trust' the count.

For a visual presentation of the counts process when recounts is enabled, please have a look at this document (opens in a new window).

This document contains following sections:

 The complete counts process, including recounts, consists of following process steps:

  1. creating a new count
  2. sending the count 'picking' (filtering possible)
  3. scanning the count
  4. reading back
  5. evaluating read back counts for recounts
  6. send recounts picking again (goes back to step 2)
  7. confirming recounts after read back
  8. comparing counts to Globe shelf stock
  9. processing counts

This document will zoom in on steps 5 to 7.

Recount settings

In menu System, General, Settings, WMS Inventory, a separate Recount section is available with the following options:

Enable recounts

This setting has following choices:

  • Always show recounts screen
    After reading back counts, the 'Start recounts' screen will always show automatically.
    All count lines having at least a 'maximum' difference (see below), are automatically selected for recount.
    You are also able to start recounts manually from status Scanned or Validated.
  • When exceeding maximum difference
    After reading back counts, the 'Start recounts' will only show automatically when differences, higher than the 'maximum difference %' (see below), have been encountered.
    All count lines having at least this 'maximum' difference, are automatically selected for recount.
    You are also able to start recounts manually from status Scanned or Validated.
  • Never (default)
    The 'Start recounts' screen will never show automatically, and also the recounts buttons are not visible in the Counts control center.

Maximum difference (%)

This setting is used :

  • to automatically select count lines for recounts in the 'Start recounts' screen
  • to start the 'Start recounts' screen only when large differences are encountered ('enable recounts' was set to 'When exceeding maximum difference')

Start Recounts screen

The 'Start recounts' screen will show after reading back scanned counts, depending on the setting 'Enable recounts' :

This view shows total quantities per item per location. If the maximum difference percentage is reached (as configured in 'Maximum difference (%)' field), the item will be flagged for a recount.

Stock : Shelf stock in Globe as per 'reference date' (shelf stock is determined and saved with the count, when creating the count range)

Quantity counted: current count quantity

'Select all' switch: gives you the possibility to select or unselect all lines:

  • click once to enable, all lines will be selected for recount, or
  • click again to clear all 'recount' checkmarks.

The button 'Recount' will send the lines, selected for recount, picking again. The standard 'send to scanner' procedure is applied for this step.

The 'Close' button closes this screen, but any changed selections are not saved when you close the screen without using the Recount button.

Recount lines in status 'picking' are treated as regular counts. On the scanner there is no indication if the count is a recount or not.

On reading back, both regular counts and recounts (depending status 'ready' on the hand terminal) are read back.

When regular counts are read back, the screen 'Start Recounts' will show, depending on the setting 'Enable recounts'.

When recount lines are read back, the screen 'Finish Recounts' will first show.

Finish Recounts screen

After reading back recount lines, a screen will first show in which you will have to confirm per line whether:

  • to use the recount ('Quantity recounted'): enable the checkmark in 'Use recount quantity, or
  • to use the original count ('Quantity counted'): do not enable the checkmark

When done, press the button Confirm.

Now the count quantities are changed according to your selection 'Use recount quantity' and the recounts will be moved as regular counts to status 'Scanned'.

The recount lines are now no longer 'recounts' but regular counts.

As long as these recounts are not confirmed (because you closed the Finish Recounts screen using 'Close' without confirming), the recount lines will stay in status 'recounted',

and regular count lines in other statuses will not show until this recount has been confirmed.

To start 'Finish Recount' again, you can select status 'recounted' and use the button 'Finish recount' in the control center.

After pressing Confirm the 'Start recount' screen could show again, depending on the setting 'Enable recounts'.

So when there are still 'large' differences, the screen may pop-up again automatically.

From this screen you can start yet another recount, or you can just press Close to not start a recount.

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