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Product Updates 421, 420, and 419: Introduction to e-invoice XRechnung ver. 1.2.2 (German legislation)

As of 27 November 2020, all German B2G invoices are required to be submitted digitally. The method that will be used in Exact Globe Next is XRechnung, a pure XML format with the version 1.2.2. For reference, see

In line with the latest legislation requirements, from this product update onwards, sending an invoice to a German debtor with the E-invoice option enabled during the invoice processing will now automatically create the XRechnung format.

The enhancements are as follows:

Company data settings

The official e-mail address can be defined at the new E-mail field under the Company section in Company data settings (accessible via System ➔ General ➔ General ➔ Settings: Company data settings).

Documents settings

The UBL2.1 (XR1.2.2) format is now available as the standard layout and can be customised.

XML file

The XML raw data has been amended by the addition of the following new elements:

  • DeliveryDebtorCity
  • DeliveryDebtorPostCode
  • BuyerReference
  • SupplierAccCPers
  • SupplierAccTelNo
  • SupplierAccFisCode  

The new stylesheet, DEUBLExport.xsl, is available to all legislations and is used when generating the e-invoices for debtors operating in Germany.

The following is the sample XML:

To validate the XML file, go to

For information, see Product Updates 418, 419 and 420: New settings for E-Invoice to utilize stylesheetsProduct Updates 418, 419 and 420: Updated support for SI-UBL 1.2 and SI-UBL 2.0 (Dutch legislation), and Product Updates 418, 419 and 420: Updated support for BIS-UBL 3.0 (Belgian legislation).

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