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Exact Synergy Enterprise - Product Update 267 Summary

These release notes contain information regarding the changes in the software in product update 267 compared to the previous release. Before performing an update it is important to back-up the Exact databases and read the release notes and system requirements for the specific product update.

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Exact Synergy Enterprise 267 13
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Documents General Microsoft Word DOCX attachments can be displayed in PDF format You can now view the document attachments in the Microsoft Word DOCX format in the PDF format. This allows an easy viewing of documents without having to download them to your computer. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={f8eb37a1-1fe2-4782-acb3-af0e51e7ed35}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Exact Payroll Plus Payroll Validation for gross wage requests supported for Exact Payroll Plus The validation process for the gross wage requests will now be performed when creating the requests or updating the start date of the requests for people or the payroll no. EE information. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={ef451fde-d792-42c7-b4f3-286e17ac3292}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Exact Payroll Plus Payroll Synchronisation of employees, students, temporary, contractors supported for Exact Payroll Plus Employees, students, temporary, and contractors with the Payroll Plus employee role will now be synchronised with Exact Payroll Plus. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={1d9424b9-e571-4198-9ed9-d0854f69c851}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Exact Payroll Plus Payroll Reason end of employment in Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) synchronised with Reason taxs return in Exact Payroll Plus (Loket) The system now synchronises the reason that you have selected at Reason end of employment in a person's contract in ESE with Reasons taxs return (Reden aangifte loonbelasting) in Exact Payroll Plus (Loket). This enhancement allows you to manage employment details from one system. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={c3163e08-3ce0-4f49-9018-c3f181a8168c}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Exact Payroll Plus Integration Error messages improved for Exact Payroll Plus integration To ensure the clarity and accuracy of the error messages displayed in the Exact Payroll Plus integration with Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS), the error messages "(404) Not found" have been improved with further actions to be taken, for example, "(404) Not Found.: Please update Payroll Plus add-on". In addition, the error messages for request synchronisation have also been improved with additional information, such as the IDs of the request and employee. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={36bbe0d4-eed8-45cc-9148-def07432ee5c}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Exact Payroll Plus Integration General journal code remains unchanged with integration add-on solution upgrade or deactivation The general journal code remains unchanged in General ledger settings in Exact Globe Next even when the integration add-on solution for Exact Payroll Plus has been updated to the latest version or has been deactivated. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={c97d68b4-63da-41d6-8285-aa98473b02d2}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Exact Payroll Plus General Updated Reason end of employment codes for Payroll Plus From this product update onwards, the Reason end of employment codes in the employee contracts are updated to comply with the legal changes for 2022. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={b69f3709-c473-4141-ab93-08f906168422}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Exact Payroll Plus General Select language for payroll slip and annual statement in Payroll Plus From this product update onwards, you can define the language for the payroll slips and annual statements. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={f8356c6c-846e-4ace-97b1-d01e2f7077dd}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Arbodienst integration   New validations implemented for approval and realization of sick requests New validations have been implemented in Exact Synergy Enterprise for the approval and realization of sick requests (XML file will be sent to Arbodienst). DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b57a09f18-c06f-4a88-9f4f-f87b1b5fe1d1%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Arbodienst integration   Improved synchronization for Arbodienst and updated SIVI standard (Dutch legislation) In line with regulation updates, Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) has enhanced support for Arbodienst with the following improvements. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={b18356a7-912f-4a1e-82c4-429b7c7126bb}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Arbodienst integration   Updates to person's contract page (Dutch legislation) A person's contract page is reached by clicking Contract under the Monitor section of the person's card. With Exact's continued support for Arbodienst, the following changes were made to it. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={ed6090e4-a916-4359-9f6f-b40cbae74ff3}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Arbodienst integration   New Reason end of employment (Arbodienst) field (Dutch legislation) You can now define the reason of the end of employment for employees according to the list supplied by the Arbodienst in the employee contracts. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={3fd29a08-46cf-4399-8921-05ef585a4e7a}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Mobile General Release notes mobile solutions Exact developed several apps that are characterized by an intuitive interface which is not only user-friendly, but also beautifully designed. The apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows. For more information on the applications, refer to the release notes. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bbdf83160-7438-4994-813b-33b5e183c6a9%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
PSA   Hour entry screen now displays total hours realized The Hour entry screen has been enhanced. It is now able to display the total number of hours realized in a day. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={86623819-96c9-4277-bae4-f2f75a99f0d0}&&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Changes to reseller demo license There are several changes made to the reseller demo license such as displaying of a message when you open the Exact Synergy Enterprise portal page, and displaying of watermark on the request and document pages DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b5db09e9f-0ebb-4087-a7ff-e54ceccb62fc%7d&&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System Mobile app New field “Use work evaluation” available for Exact Field Service H We’ve added a new field to the Mobile Apps page in Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) that your service engineers can use in their Exact Field Service H application. The new Use work evaluation setting allows your customers to evaluate your service and give you a performance rating during the signing process. You can then use this feedback in your customised SSRS reports in ESE, to further improve your customer service standards. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={b119b59c-7153-419e-bc70-d212f46fc8d8}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Logging active users in Exact central license Some changes have been made to online validation to support better usage of Exact Synergy Enterprise.
System General System settings page enhanced to monitor user access The access to the Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE) System: Settings page has been enhanced to tighten security and streamline who can make changes to the settings on this page. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={d15e9780-9ce6-48b8-9b41-6257ace21d4d}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Synergy Office Integration General Synergy Office Integration no longer supports Microsoft Office 2010 As of this product update, Synergy Office Integration (SOI) no longer supports Microsoft Office 2010 for its installation. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={6bbb6ee1-c242-4be4-8c58-e476843bb580}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases Exact Payroll Plus New version available for Exact Payroll Plus (Dutch legislation) A new version for Exact Payroll Plus is now available. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7beadefbc8-0d89-4c29-9129-3ff53f08121e%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates to past releases System New menu entries for Synergy mobile application As an administrator, you can customise a default menu in the Synergy mobile application. We’ve now added two new menu entries namely Hour entries and Overdue hours to the list of menu entries. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={4f762e7e-7e4d-485c-98dd-c3d8df83b2eb}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Related documents   Security fixes for Exact Synergy Enterprise 266 With the latest version of Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE), various security fixes were carried out. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={b3465cbd-1603-4cd1-acb5-cc817185d2e0}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Related documents   System requirements Exact Synergy Enterprise The system requirements of different Exact Synergy Enterprise product updates DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bf6b51a1d-ce95-4de9-8ae6-75a344acf17d%7d&noheader=1&nosubject=1&noheader=1&nosubject=1
Related documents   Overview release notes Exact Synergy Enterprise per product update The release notes of previous Exact Synergy Enterprise product updates
Related documents   Updating Exact Synergy Enterprise More information about updating DocView.aspx?DocumentID={d1646457-aab8-4094-a98f-927f53bbb0ee}&noheader=1&nosubject=1

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