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PU 502 | 501 | 500 (Globe+) and 424 | 423 (Globe): You can now choose Our ref and Your ref for JPK_KR and JPK_FA audit file (Polish legislation)

Currently, you are not able to generate the JPK_FA (invoices audit file) and JPK_KR (GL transactions audit file) using “Your ref” as the invoice number for sales invoices. Some users generate their invoices using an external system and import them into Exact Globe. Thus, Your ref. in the invoices is considered the invoice number. Now, you can export JPK_FA and JPK_KR for both the sales and purchase transactions using the Our ref. or Your ref. option.

In this product update, the default option for the Sales invoice number is Our ref. at Finance > VAT > Statistics > Audit file under the VAT return & invoices tab.

The <NrDowoduKsiegowego> tag for JPK_KR displays the Your ref. or Our ref. value based on your selection at Sales invoice number. If the Sales invoice number is Your ref., the <NrDowoduKseigowego> tag displays Your ref., and this only applies to the <RodzajDowodu> tag in the sales invoice, sales credit note, and POS invoice.

The <P_2A> and <P_2B> elements in JPK_FR display Your ref..


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