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E-WMS - General notes on scanner settings




In order to start using E-WMS on hand terminals, settings have to be configured for each process used, and these configurations have to be linked to each scanner.


Scanner settings define the behavior of E-WMS on the hand terminal. With these settings, fields can be automatically filled or hidden. Each WMS process has its own set of scanner settings. Scanner settings must be linked to specific scanners, this way it also possible to link different sets of settings (profiles) to different scanners.

All scanner settings are available through Exact Globe Next menu System, E-WMS, Scanners. The availability of these setting menus depend on the presence of the related module in your Exact Globe Next license, and the presence of 'E-WMS terminal user' in your license.



Available settings

Scanner settings are available for the following functional areas (you can click these areas to go to these settings directly) :

To avoid unexpected behavior on the scanner, it is important that all settings are configured for each of the WMS processes you are using, and that these settings are actually linked to the scanners. And of course, in case you are not using RF, that these settings are exported to your scanners.


Activating changed settings

Besides the specific scanner settings, also some general WMS settings are needed by the hand terminals, for instance to see if you have enabled 'cross docking' or not. These general settings are activated at the same time when reading the scanner settings. How settings are activated on the device, depends on your communication method. The scanner settings are stored in WMS tables in the Exact Globe Next database. When you use RF, the scanner will just read these from the settings tables. If you do not use RF, you will have to 'export' the settings to the scanners.

Using RF (wireless, real-time) with WMS ASP

Changed settings are activated when returning to the main menu of E-WMS on the hand terminal, and choosing the main functional menu (like 'Receipts').  The menu 'Send scanner settings' is not used in this case because the scanner read the settings directly from the database. When using RF, the scanner will only look for it's 'own' settings, linked to the logged in hand terminal user.

Using RF with WMS CAB (non-ASP)

When using the CAB version of E-WMS, you will have to restart WMS CAB or press the 'S' button in the bottom of the screen in the main menu. Then the settings are read from the database.
The menu 'Send scanner settings' is not used in this case because the scanner read the settings directly from the database. When using RF, the scanner will only look for it's 'own' settings, linked to it's scanner ID.

Using Activesync (batch processing)

When using a cradled connection with Activesync or Mobile Device Center, settings have to be exported by using menu WMS, Send, Send scanner settings. E-WMS will then ask for the scanner code, and the settings file (settings.dat) is copied to the device. You will have to restart WMS CAB on the device or press the 'S'-button in the main menu of WMS.

Whether the settings are copied directly to the device (using Activesync), or indirectly using a settings file in the WMS communication folder, depends on the setting Communication in menu System, General, Settings, WMS General. If this setting is set to 'Scanner - Activesync' it is assumed that Activesync (or Mobile Device Center) in installed on your PC, and your PC has a connection to the device at the moment of exporting data. When this setting is set to 'File', the settings are copied not directly to the scanner but to the folder configured in setting Communication directory in the same settings screen.

Using File communication

If the general communication setting (see above in 'using Activesync') is set to 'File', then the settings are written to a file in the WMS communication folder. These settings still have to be exported to the scanner by using the WMS Communication Tool. In this tool, the settings can be exported to the currently connected device by choosing tab Master Data and pressing the button 'Settings -> Scanner'.

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