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Using Page Compression to increase performance and decrease your database size

This document describes what performance improvements you can gain using Page Compression.  
With the use of Page Compression you can reduce the size of your database(s) and increase your read performance of your Exact product.
We performed some tests with Exact Globe and this are the results:
  • An average of 30% less data size in a database after Page Compression
  • An average of 56% less index size in a database after Page Compression
  • Backup time saved with Page Compression approximate 30%
  • Restore time saved with Page Compression approximate 23%
  • Between 30% and 45% performance increase on retrieving ledger card, account receivable and account payable information
  • VAT Overview almost gained a 30% performance gain.
For more detailed information check the attached Excel sheet (Page Compression Tests)
The following attached script (Page_Compress.sql) can be executed on the database(s) you want to setup for Page Compression.
This scripts will update all existing user tables and indexes. 

Page Compression can be executed on the following SQL Servers: 

  • SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition and Development Edition
  • SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition and Development Edition
  • SQL Server 2016 SP1 or newer SQL Server versions 

You can easily enable this function using the Exact System Information Tool, on tab SQL Maintenance you can check or perform the Page compression for a selected database.



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