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Control Center columns: 'add to order' and 'zero amount'

The Pick-IT control centers for sales order fulfillment and receipts has two additional columns from version 396 : "add to sales order" and "zero amount".

Both columns only apply to order lines which were added on the mobile device (when 'allow additions' was activated).
These columns will also show for original order lines (they cannot be disabled there right now) but have no effect here.

Add to sales order
When enabled, the extra fulfillment or receipt will be added to the sales order or purchase order as extra order line.
When disabled, the extra ulfillment or receipt will only be visible in fulfillments or receipts linked to the original order, and not in the order it self.

Zero amount
This is to indicate that the added line was fulfilled or received 'for free', so with price zero.
When enabled, the sales price or purchase price will be set to zero.
When disabled, the sales price or purchase price will be determined by the basic rules.


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