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Release notes Exact Synergy Enterprise - Product update 501 - Service packs

Besides the new product updates that are released twice a year, every month a new service pack is released. This service pack contains all updates and hotfixes from last period. A service pack also contains all improvements from previous service packs for this product update.

It is recommended that you always update to the new service pack. Besides the improvements made in the service packs, Exact always work on improving the performance and security of the software.

Below you'll find an overview of all enhancements, grouped by the service pack. Click on a tab to retrieve an overview of the enhancements in that service pack.
The numbers between brackets refer to the internal reference of the improvement.

To check which service pack is installed, you can check the 'ReadMe.txt' file that is located in the root directory of the Exact Synergy Enterprise installation.

You can go to Exact Synergy Enterprise - Product update 501 summary for more release notes. 

Product Name Release Max Tabs Per Line
Exact Synergy Enterprise 264 6
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SP Subject Description
501SP18 HRM Some request templates related to Work-related Person Mobility law were updated (HF 87.356.024)
501SP18 General information Service pack 18 of product update 501 is available as of 8-4-2024
501SP18 General information Service pack 18 is the last service pack for product update 501
501SP18 General and System An invalid release error message may appear when downloading MSI installation files (HF 87.251.532)
501SP18 Microsoft Reporting Services Integration Item code in reporting services may be wrongly presented in date format (HF 87.186.572)
501SP18 Legislation specific NL legislation - Absence percentage figure may not be updated after saving the absence request (HF 87.181.632)
501SP18 Legislation specific NL legislation - Improved error checking for Initials field in absence requests (HF 87.216.722)
501SP17 General information Service pack 17 of product update 501 is available as of 04-3-2024
501SP17 Workflow Choose files button may be unavailable when creating requests with an Attachments field (HF 87.129.721)
501SP17 SOI Improved password encryption for SOI (HF 87.132.103)
501SP17 Legislation specific Leg NL - Reduced percentage rate option may be disabled for some payroll components (HF 87.145.325)
501SP16 General information Service pack 16 of product update 501 is available as of 05-2-2024
501SP16 Payroll Deelnemer tijdspaarfonds value may be recorded incorrectly in payroll XML file (HF 87.074.908)
501SP16 Legislation specific Leg NL - When creating an employment contract, the termination date may mistakenly be set to empty (HF 87.056.227)
501SP16 Service Management Solution Opening a Service Management Solution request may take longer than expected (HF 87.063.406)
501SP15 General information Service pack 15 of product update 501 is available as of 08-1-2024
501SP15 Social Collaboration An error may be encountered when uploading new picture in News thumbnail and Announcement banner (HF 87.003.207)
501SP15 Payroll Changes that cater to updated payroll legislation (HF 86.975.683)
501SP15 HRM FreeDateField may be updated with a NULL value when end date employment contracts are filled up (HF 86.974.089)
501SP15 Payroll Incorrect options for Premie Aof (HF 87.005.603)
501SP15 Service Management Solution Information entered may not be updated when contract is saved especially when start date is changed (HF 87.004.518)
501SP14 General information Service pack 14 of product update 501 is available as of 20-12-2023
501SP14 Documents Document downloader app did not download document even after progress bar reaches 100% (HF 86.904.789)
501SP14 General and System New request types included in Best Practice package to comply to updated mobility law (HF 86.964.944)
501SP14 General and System Slow loading of Monitor section in account card (HF 86.950.257)
501SP13 General information Service pack 13 of product update 501 is available as of 04-12-2023
501SP13 Documents Older version of document may be displayed when attaching it to a request even though it has been removed (HF 86.846.002)
501SP13 HRM and Payroll Removal of Social security number field on family member page (HF 86.757.652)
501SP13 CMDM With CMDM environments, Item translations are sometimes not successfully synchronised from Exact Synergy Enterprise to Exact Globe Next (HF 86.923.881)
501SP12 General information Service pack 12 of product update 501 is available as of 17-11-2023
501SP12 General and System An error "Invalid: Release" is shown when trying to download installation file from the Support portal (HF 86.825.276)
501SP12 General and System Error occurs when rebuilding repository, deploying or creating the absences XML, and then rebuilding the repository again (HF 86.744.781)
501SP12 Projects Improved security when recording hour entries (HF 86.895.780)
501SP12 Legislation specific Leg NL - New Special reason start absence field with 4 options is available in absence request to comply with ARBO requirements (HF 86.835.832)
501SP12 Legislation specific Leg NL - Various improvements to ARBO integration related to return to work requests, employee contract hours, and employee details (HF 86.851.566)
501SP12 Legislation specific Leg NL - XML file generated from Return to Work request sometimes contains errorneous code (HF 86.863.475)
501SP12 Finance The symbol "&" was not converted properly when managing invoicing terms (HF 86.845.546)
501SP11 General information Service pack 11 of product update 501 is available as of 4-9-2023
501SP11 CRM Payment condition of quotations created in Synergy is not transferred properly when generating corresponding sales orders in Globe (HF 86.679.944)
501SP11 Legislation specific The Absence.xml generated for Arbodienst specifies the employee's gender as "Male" even when the master data is not. This also causes Employee.xml to have the wrong gender after synchronisation (HF 86.719.991)
501SP11 CRM Two scroll bars appear if the generated SSRS overview report is more than one page (HF 86.723.539)
501SP11 General and System Upgrade of ESE database for EG+ compatibility (HF 86.624.805)
501SP10 General information Service pack 10 of product update 501 is available as of 7-8-2023
501SP10 Service Management Solution Configuration only displays up to 2 levels for Service Management Solution request although there are many sublevels (86.677.191)
501SP10 Documents Emails sent through Exchange Online using a Word Merge template does not include the template's image(s) (86.612.831)
501SP10 CRM Fail to export search result for Accounts to Microsoft Excel (HF 86.596.507)
501SP10 Exact Lightweight Integration Server One of the asset will not be synchronised when linking two assets with the same serial number to different items (HF 86.615.701)
501SP10 Workflow Possible to hit error while creating multiple requests then browsing (F2) at a field (86.639.787)
501SP10 Professional Services Automation Received error popup, after running Timesheet.core background job to process Invoice Proposal Request, although it was processed successfully (86.613.780)
501SP10 HRM Selected free fields only sometimes show up as columns in HRM search result page (86.611.528)
501SP10 Payroll Synchronising with Payroll Plus/Loket intregation: When inactive date is empty, the field/block Term.Date in Payroll Plus is filled. (HF 86.625.926)
501SP10 Service Management Solution Unselecting a configuration causes previously realised or authorised hour and material lines to be deleted (BR 86.596.975)
501SP9 General information Service pack 9 of product update 501 is available as of 3-7-2023
501SP9 ELIS The Exact Globe endpoint is not listed in product update 501 service pack 8 and an error message is displayed (HF 86.545.189)
501SP8 General information Service pack 8 of product update 501 is available as of 6-6-2023
501SP8 General and System MFA-enabled users incompatible with FiD Configurator tool (HF 86.284.724)
501SP8 SOI Error is displayed when you open a Synergy document with "Docx" document attached and click "Edit with word" (HF 86.521.677)
501SP8 CMDM Error message displayed when clicking the division that has an invoice debtor linked to the division if using SQL Server 2016 and below (HF 86.466.259)
501SP8 General and System Improvements made to the FID configurator tool (HF 86.284.713)
501SP8 General and System Security improvement for assessing the FID configuration file (HF 86.284.729)
501SP8 Exact Lightweight Integration Server Support editing of clients in the solution configuration (HF 86.523.575)
501SP7 General information Service pack 7 of product update 501 is available as of 2-5-2023
501SP7 CMDM Error displayed when updating division person after successful synchronisation from Synergy to Globe+ (HF 86.458.890)
501SP7 Professional Services Automation Error is displayed if the intercompany invoice proposals contains 0 in the invoice proposal page (HF 86.350.991)
501SP7 Service Management Solution Error is displayed if the service configuration with two lines have the same item but different serial numbers (HF 86.337.833)
501SP7 Legislation specific NL legislation - Error displayed by ELIS after a person is created in Synergy (HF 86.348.092)
501SP7 ELIS The Send to queue tool displays an error for the Globe+ clients (HF 86.325.851)
501SP7 General and System Wrong state codes displayed for Germany (HF 86.341.045)
501SP6 General information Service pack 6 of product update 501 is available as of 3-4-2023
501SP6 CMDM CMDM conversion creates wrong account codes (HF 86.222.964)
501SP6 CMDM CMDM invoice debtor is not visible for non-main division (HF 86.209.585)
501SP6 CMDM DivisionPeople entity is duplicated (HF 86.222.094)
501SP6 Professional Services Automation Duplicate WIP entries created when there is error in the background job (HF 86.266.043)
501SP6 General and System Enhancements for FID configurator (HF 86.210.066)
501SP6 Exact Lightweight Integration Server Error in ELIS after approving the invoice proposal request when the invoice proposal has multiple HPR with different users (HF 86.240.751)
501SP6 Social Collaboration In Safari the load more for the timeline does not work and the notification list (bell icon) is empty (HF 86.267.447 & HF 86.253.631)
501SP6 Professional Services Automation Incorrect item saved into the submitted HPR through the hour entry page, thus unable to submit hours when there are items with the same description (HF 86.323.035)
501SP6 Exact Lightweight Integration Server When installing ELIS a check is performed on the deactivated add-ons/solutions (HF 86.267.433)
501SP5 General information Service pack 5 of product update 501 is available as of 6-3-2023
501SP5 Professional Services Automation Error task created in the PSA process is linked to the wrong person that causes unexpected behaviour in the timesheet leading to wrong payments (HF 86.226.603 and HF 86.240.470)
501SP5 SOI SOI not working after updating Synergy and new FID configuration (HF 86.215.452)
501SP5 General and System The ExactWebGuest user is now automatically created in the FID environment (HF 86.210.065)
501SP5 Exact Synergy Enterprise Web Services Unable to remove the value at quantity field in the hour entry app if the value is "0" (HF 82.494.503)
501SP4 General information Service pack 4 of product update 501 is available as of 7-2-2023
501SP4 General information Important: This update contains a database change. After installing this update your database will be updated when opening the database
501SP4 Documents After a letter is created from a request a new document is created when you click Close (HF 86.105.143)
501SP4 Service Management Solution Configuration details are not displayed in the requests (HF 86.134.188)
501SP4 Professional Services Automation Created draft hour cannot be displayed in the hour entry screen (HF 86.178.719)
501SP4 HRM It could happen that the bank account of an employee was not linked to the correct division (HF 86.119.108)
501SP4 Payroll Payroll Plus - Make correct mapping for employee contact information (HF 86.211.980)
501SP4 Projects Performance improvement for hour entry (HF 86.082.834)
501SP4 General and System Security improvement when using a password with special characters in a FID environment (HF 86.158.031)
501SP4 CMDM Synchronisation issue when a administration is excluded in ELIS CMDM solution (HF 86.176.579)
501SP4 General and System User without Administrator role cannot save Preferences (HF 86.201.909)
501SP4 SOI Whitelist warning is displayed instead of the actual warning when SOI encounters an error (HF 86.156.927)
501SP3 General information Service pack 3 of product update 501 is available as of 3-1-2023
501SP3 General and System Improvement for generating portal user passwords (HF 86.097.466)
501SP2 General information Service pack 2 of product update 501 is available as of 21-12-2022
501SP2 General and System It could happen that it was not possible to update the license when certain language settings were used on the SQL Server (HF 86.106.129)
501SP2 Professional Services Automation It was not possible to submit a timesheet when the previous week was still open, despite the setting being selected (HF 86.123.262)
501SP2 Service Management Solution The list with service configurations when creating service request now has paging which makes it load faster (HF 86.103.713)
501SP2 Exact Lightweight Integration Server Update to the Word Merge add-on for the support of sending emails using Exchange Online with OAuth (HF 86.120.450)
501SP2 Professional Services Automation When processing a Hour planning and realization request with half hours, the cost entry could not be registered in Exact Globe+ (HF 86.101.560)
501SP1 General information Service pack 1 of product update 501 is available as of 5-12-2022
501SP1 General and System 15-12-2022 - Microsoft has discontinued the support for Basic authentication in Exchange Online. Changes have been made to Exact Synergy Enterprise to support sending emails via Exchange Online with OAuth. To configure SMTP in Exchange Online you must select the ‘Exchange Online’ option in the ‘Server’ section of the HRM settings in menu Modules > HRM > Setup > General > Settings, and enter the Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client secret that you can obtain from the Azure portal. Read more (HF 86.079.993)
501SP1 MS Exchange server connection If the connection to Exchange Online was idle for more than a hour, the synchronisation from Exchange Online to Exact Synergy Enterprise did not work correctly anymore (HF 86.059.117)
501SP1 Service Management Solution It could happen that the service order in Exact Globe wasn't deleted after deleting the service request in Exact Synergy (HF 86.048.839)
501SP1 MS Exchange server connection The Exact exchange migration tool button was not working correctly (HF 86.084.676)
501SP1 Service Management Solution The retrieving of serial numbers for the service management requests caused 100% CPU usage (HF 86.082.685)
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