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Creating new documents


In many business organizations, documents such as letters, quotations, sales orders, delivery notes, and credit notes are usually created and used in business processes. Some of these documents are created manually in the form of hardcopy, which can be difficult and time consuming to store and locate them physically. At this screen, you can create new documents by scanning, importing from Microsoft Outlook, or selecting from existing folder directories, and then storing the documents electronically.

Menu path

Go to CRM ➔ Entries ➔ Documents, and click New.


Attachment section

Select a drive to display the directories within the selected drive. Double-click on the directories and select the relevant document from a list of documents displayed on the right.

Delete: Attachment

Select this check box to delete the document from its original storage location after you have saved the document in the system.

Preview section

This section displays the contents of the selected document. Depending on the file format, it is possible that not all the documents can be previewed at this section.



Click this to scan a hardcopy document and save it as an input document.


Click this to import the e-mail messages from Microsoft Outlook as an input document.


Click this to open the Document screen. At this screen, you can update the document properties such as the security level, subject, or document type and then save the selected document. For more information, see Maintaining documents.


Click this to open and view the selected document.


Click this to exit.

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