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Data dictionary exactcs - contents - 7.20

#TableLogging tableDescription
1 admdat y_admdat Company data
2 admnac   Delivery addresses
3 atrsh   Financial entries
4 atrss   entry lines
5 balcen   sub-balance sheet cost centers
6 balcun   sub-balance sheet cost units
7 balsht   balance sheet
8 bdalcch y_bdalcch Budget ccent allocation header
9 bdalccl y_bdalccl Budget ccent allocation line
10 bdalcuh   Budget cunit allocation header
11 bdalcul   Budget cunit allocation line
12 bdalloch   Budget ccent allocation header
13 bdallocl   Budget ccent allocation line
14 bdalph y_bdalph Budget per allocation header
15 bdalpl y_bdalpl Budget per allocation line
16 bdcumdat   Budget cumulative data
17 bdeauth   Budget authority entry header
18 bdeautl   Budget entry line
19 bdenth   Budget entry header
20 bdentl   Budget entry line
21 bdmng y_bdmng Budget manager
22 bdpath   Budget entry path
23 bdtaut   Budget authority transaction
24 bdtautt   Budget auth. trans. notes
25 bdtrs   Budget transaction
26 bdtrst   Budget transaction notes
27 bdvers y_bdvers Budget version
28 bnkacc y_bnkacc Bank accounts
29 bnklnk y_bnklnk Bank links
30 bnktpe y_bnktpe Bank account types
31 boeacc y_boeacc Cheque & B/E accounts
32 boeccb   Creditor cheque & B/E data
33 boecdl y_boecdl B/E creditor data
34 boechb y_boechb Cheque books
35 boecod y_boecod Cheque & B/E codes
36 boecrd   Creditors cheques & B/E's
37 boedbl y_boedbl B/E debtor data
38 boedcb   Debtor cheque & B/E data
39 boedeb   Debtor cheques & B/E's
40 boenom y_boenom Nature of movement
41 boepyt   Payment terms B/E's
42 boercd y_boercd Reason codes
43 boetrc   Creditor cheque & B/E transac
44 boetrd   Debtor cheque & B/E transacti
45 boetrf   Remittances
46 bstats   Bank statements
47 ccent y_ccent Cost centers
48 ccnacc y_ccnacc link cost center account
49 ccnlnk y_ccnlnk linking cost centers
50 ccntrs   Cost center transactions
51 claims   Claims
52 colarr y_colarr Collection arrangements
53 combud   Year budgets
54 comcls y_comcls Classifications
55 comctr y_comctr Contracts
56 comctr_t   Contract notes
57 comel   Commitment entry lines
58 comhl   Commitments
59 comp y_comp sub-classifications
60 comsl   Commitment lines
61 comsl_t   Commitment notes
62 comtrs   Commitment transactions
63 conscc y_conscc Consolidation cost center
64 consco y_consco Consolidation company
65 conscu y_conscu Consolidation cost unit
66 consgg   Consolidation data
67 contab y_contab consolidation table
68 countr y_countr countries
69 crdbal   creditor balances
70 crdcat y_crdcat Creditor categories
71 crdnac   Order addresses
72 crdout   outstanding entries creditors
73 crdrev   revaluation creditors
74 crdtrs   creditor transactions
75 credit y_credit creditors
76 credit_t   creditor notes
77 cstccn y_cstccn Standard distr. cost center
78 cstcun   Standard distr. cost units
79 cunacc y_cunacc link cost unit account
80 cunit y_cunit cost units
81 curren y_curren currencies
82 dbver y_dbver Database versions
83 debbal   debtor balances
84 debcat y_debcat Debtor categories
85 debout   outstanding entries debtors
86 debrev   revaluation debtors
87 debtor y_debtor debtors
88 debtor_t   debtor notes
89 debtrs   debtor transactions
90 delnac y_delnac delivery addresses
91 dpr_cald y_dpr_cald Calendar period
92 dpr_calm y_dpr_calm Depreciation calendar
93 dpr_idxd y_dpr_idxd Depreciation index detail
94 dpr_idxm y_dpr_idxm Depreciation index table
95 dpr_mtab y_dpr_mtab Depreciation table
96 dpr_trns   Depreciation transactions
97 eappl   application
98 earole y_earole Exact roles
99 earolrec y_earolrec Records per role
100 earolusr y_earolusr Roles per user
101 ebabnk y_ebabnk Banks
102 ebabnk_mt940   Bank statement: MT940 codes
103 ebabnk_txcd   Bank statement transaction code
104 ebalnk y_ebalnk Bank links
105 ebasth   Statements
106 ebasts   Statement lines
107 ebauit   Itemizations
108 egroup   group definition
109 elang   languages
110 emenu   menu definition
111 emenutext   menutext
112 eprog   programs
113 eproggroup   program group
114 eproguser   program user
115 faelaf   Link assets fin. entries
116 fas_asmb y_fas_asmb Assembled asset
117 fas_ast y_fas_ast Asset
118 fas_book y_fas_book Asset book
119 fas_depr y_fas_depr Asset depreciation data
120 fas_dept y_fas_dept Department
121 fas_grp y_fas_grp Asset group
122 fas_loc y_fas_loc Location
123 fas_mast y_fas_mast Asset set
124 fas_mnt   Asset maintenance data
125 fas_mthl y_fas_mthl Asset set in book
126 fas_note   Asset note
127 fas_prlnk   Link asset trans to project
128 fas_prmst   Projects per asset
129 fatlaf   Link assets fin. transactions
130 fiecol   Collection advices
131 fielbsf   Link: Bank statement (Historic) to journal entry
132 fielcf   Link collections fin. entries
133 fielfc   Link atrss to comsl
134 fielif   Link intercompany to finance
135 fielpayf   Link: Payment (Historic) to journal entry
136 fielrf   Link recurring entries to fina
137 fihbsh   Bank statements (Historic)
138 fihbsl   Bank statement lines (Historic)
139 fihpayext   Payment extra data (Historic)
140 fihpayfmt   Payment formats (Historic)
141 fihpayord   Payment orders (Historic)
142 fihpayout   Payment outstanding items (Historic)
143 fihpayrun   Payment runs (Historic)
144 fiicomp   Intercompany
145 filda   Link dimensions to G/L account
146 fipcolh y_fipcolh Periodic collection
147 fipcoll y_fipcoll Periodic collection details
148 fireh y_fireh Recurring entry headers
149 firel y_firel Recurring entry lines
150 fitcol   Collection history
151 fitlbsf   Link: Bank statement (Historic) to g/l transaction
152 fitlcf   Link collections fin. entries
153 fitlfc   Link ledtrs to comtrs
154 fitlif   Link intercompany to finance
155 fitlpayf   Link: Payment (Historic) to g/l transaction
156 fitlrf   Link recurring entries to fina
157 fivatcor   VAT correction
158 fprep   posting report per period
159 grpfdc   Layout group flag descriptions
160 horder   Sales order history
161 hordert   Sales order notes
162 horitm   Sales order history lines
163 hortxt   Sales order history text lines
164 iiown y_iiown Invoice owner
165 iireg   Incoming invoices registration
166 invhhl   Invoice history
167 invhhlt   Sales invoice notes
168 invhsl   Invoice history lines
169 invhtl   Invoice history texts
170 isocnt y_isocnt ISO countries
171 isocur y_isocur ISO currencies
172 isolng y_isolng ISO languages
173 journl y_journl journals
174 journl_rule   Bank statement: Matching rules
175 jrlpay y_jrlpay Journal link payments
176 jrlpcr y_jrlpcr Journal link payment valuta
177 jrnlbal   journal-balance
178 lang y_lang languages
179 laydeb y_laydeb Reminder layouts
180 layfdc   Layout flag descriptions
181 layfgr   Layout fields per group
182 layfld   Fields per layout
183 layflg   Flags per layout
184 laygdc   Layout group descriptions
185 laygfl   Flags per layout group
186 laygrf   Layout group flags
187 laygrp   Layout type groups
188 laytfl   Layout type flags
189 ledbal   general ledger balances
190 ledger y_ledger general ledger accounts
191 ledmch   matching transactions
192 ledrev   revaluation general ledger
193 ledtrs   general ledger transactions
194 licdat y_licdat License data
195 llcoc y_llcoc Cost codes
196 llcocd y_llcocd Cost code details
197 llcoct y_llcoct Cost code tables
198 lldesc y_lldesc Extra description codes
199 lldome y_lldome Delivery/Order methods
200 llicnt   Item counters
201 llides y_llides Extra item descriptions
202 lligrp y_lligrp Item groups
203 llinvc y_llinvc Invoice codes
204 llitcr y_llitcr Creditor/item data
205 llitem y_llitem Items
206 llitxt y_llitxt Text items
207 lllgrr   Link recurring to generated
208 lllrr   Link recurring to relation
209 llpdig y_llpdig Price list details per item gr
210 llpdit y_llpdit Price list details per item
211 llplig y_llplig Price lists per item group
212 llplit y_llplit Price lists per item
213 llplst y_llplst Price lists
214 llrech   Recurring headers
215 llrecht   Recurring notes
216 llrecl   Recurring lines
217 llrect   Recurring text lines
218 lltext y_lltext General text codes
219 logfield   Logged fields
220 loghist   Log delete history
221 logrec   Logging of records
222 logsett y_logsett Logging settings
223 logtable   Logged tables
224 lpech   Purchase order counter headers
225 lpecih   Purchase invoice counter head
226 lpecil   Purchase invoice counter lines
227 lpecl   Purchase order counter lines
228 lpecrh   Receipt counter headers
229 lpecrl   Receipt counter lines
230 lpeih   Purchase invoice headers
231 lpeiht   Purchase invoice notes
232 lpeil   Purchase invoice lines
233 lpeit   Purchase invoice text lines
234 lpelic   Link invoices to commitments
235 lpelif   Link purchase invoices to fina
236 lpelio   Link purchase invoices to purc
237 lpelir   Link purchase invoices to rece
238 lpelmf   Link matching to finance
239 lpeloc   Link orders to commitments
240 lpelof   Link purchase orders to financ
241 lpelrf   Link receipts to finance
242 lpelro   Link receipts to purchase orde
243 lpelsp   Link sales to purchase
244 lpemio   Matching purchase invoices/ord
245 lpemro   Matching receipts/purchase ord
246 lpeoh   Purchase order headers
247 lpeoht   Purchase order notes
248 lpeol   Purchase order lines
249 lpeot   Purchase order text lines
250 lperh   Receipt headers
251 lperht   Receipt notes
252 lperl   Receipt lines
253 lpert   Receipt text lines
254 lphch   Purchase order counter history
255 lphcih   Purchase invoice counter head
256 lphcil   Purchase invoice counter line
257 lphcl   Purchase order counter history
258 lphcrh   Receipt counter headers
259 lphcrl   Receipt counter lines
260 lphih   Purchase invoice header histor
261 lphiht   Purchase invoice notes
262 lphil   Purchase invoice line history
263 lphit   Purchase invoice text line his
264 lphlic   Link lphil to comsl
265 lphlif   Link purchase invoices to fina
266 lphlio   Link purchase invoices to purc
267 lphlir   Link purchase invoices to rece
268 lphlmf   Link matching to finance
269 lphloc   Link lphol to comsl
270 lphlof   Link purchase orders to financ
271 lphlrf   Link receipts to finance
272 lphlro   Link receipt history to purcha
273 lphlsp   Link sales to purchase
274 lphmil   Purchase invoice matching line
275 lphmio   Matching purchase invoice/orde
276 lphmoh   Purchase order matching
277 lphmoi   Matching purchase order/invoic
278 lphmol   Purchase order matching lines
279 lphmor   Matching purchase order/receip
280 lphmrl   Receipt matching lines
281 lphmro   Matching receipt/purchase orde
282 lphoh   Purchase order history headers
283 lphoht   Purchase order history notes
284 lphol   Purchase order history lines
285 lphot   Purchase order history text li
286 lphrh   Receipt history headers
287 lphrht   Receipt history notes
288 lphrl   Receipt history lines
289 lphrt   Receipt history text lines
290 lselif   Link sales to finance
291 lselof   Link sales orders to finance
292 lshlof   Link sales orders to finance
293 lsihl   Sales invoice headers
294 lsihlt   Sales invoice notes
295 lsisl   Sales invoice lines
296 lsitl   Sales invoice text lines
297 lsitst y_lsitst Stock changes
298 lsohl   Sales order headers
299 lsohlt   Sales order notes
300 lsosl   Sales order lines
301 lsotl   Sales order text lines
302 lsrep y_lsrep Representatives
303 lsrevs   Revenue statistics
304 lstlif   Link sales to finance
305 mcomp y_mcomp Main classifications
306 mdim1 y_mdim1 multidim 1
307 mdim2 y_mdim2 multidim 2
308 mdim3 y_mdim3 multidim 3
309 mdim4 y_mdim4 multidim 4
310 mdim5 y_mdim5 multidim 5
311 paycon y_paycon payment conditions
312 payext   Payment extra data
313 payfmt   Payment format
314 paymen   payments
315 payord   Payment order
316 payout   Payment outstanding items
317 paysel   Payment selections
318 percls y_percls closed periods
319 perdat y_perdat Period-date table
320 pochl   Payment over companies header
321 pocsl   Payment over companies lines
322 practv   Activities
323 prbudget   Project budget
324 prcajt y_prcajt Cost alloc. per journal. type
325 prcall y_prcall Cost allocation
326 prccat y_prccat Cost category
327 prccma y_prccma Cost center manager
328 prdeb y_prdeb Project debtor
329 prdeh   Direct entry headline
330 prdep y_prdep Department
331 prdes   Direct entry subline
332 prdhrt y_prdhrt Debtor hour category rate
333 prdprt y_prdprt Debtor position rate
334 prdtrs   Direct transaction
335 prelpf   Link project to finance
336 premp y_premp Employee
337 premrt y_premrt Employee rate per project
338 prghrt y_prghrt Project group hour cat. rate
339 prgprt y_prgprt Project group position rate
340 prgrp y_prgrp Project group
341 prhcat y_prhcat Hour category
342 prhcrt y_prhcrt Hour category rate per project
343 prheh   Hour entry headline
344 prhes   Hour entry subline
345 prhrat y_prhrat Employee rate p. hcat.
346 prhrpr y_prhrpr Empl. rate p. hcat p. project
347 prhtrs   Hour transaction
348 prieh   Item entry headline
349 pries   Item entry subline
350 prinam   Amount to be invoiced
351 prinfi   Final invoice
352 prinfi_t   Final invoice text
353 pringc y_pringc Ccat per invoice group line
354 pringh y_pringh Invoice group header
355 pringl y_pringl Invoice group line
356 pringl_t   Invoice group line text
357 prinph   Invoice proposal
358 prinps   Invoice proposal line
359 prinsh y_prinsh Installment header
360 prinss y_prinss Installment line
361 prinss_t   Installment line text
362 printr   Amount to be invoiced transact
363 printr_t   Amounts to be invoiced text
364 pritrs   Item transaction
365 prjamt   Amount to be journalized
366 prjtcc y_prjtcc Journalizing type per ccat
367 prjtgr y_prjtgr Journal. type per proj. grp.
368 prjtyp y_prjtyp Journalizing type
369 prloc y_prloc Location
370 prmach y_prmach Machinery
371 prmeh   Machinery entry headline
372 prmes   Machinery entry subline
373 prmrat y_prmrat Machinery-unit rate
374 prmst y_prmst Project mastercard
375 prmstdeb y_prmstdeb Debtors per project
376 prmst_t   Project mastercard note
377 prmtrs   Machinery transaction
378 prndef y_prndef printer definitions
379 prnfrm y_prnfrm Printerforms
380 prnusr y_prnusr user printers
381 props y_props Properties
382 props_t   Properties texts
383 prphdf y_prphdf Phase list description
384 prphlp y_prphlp Project phase list definition
385 prphse y_prphse Phase
386 prphsn y_prphsn Phase list
387 prpmc y_prpmc Properties multiple choice
388 prpmrt y_prpmrt Machinery rate per project
389 prpmst y_prpmst Sub project
390 prpmur y_prpmur Mach. rate per unit per proj.
391 prpos y_prpos Position
392 prpsrt y_prpsrt Position rate per project
393 prpurt y_prpurt Unit rate per project
394 prpval y_prpval Property values
395 prrate   Project rates
396 prrcca   Result cost category
397 prrcyp   Result ccat per period
398 prreason   Project budget (Change code)
399 prrhca   Result hour category
400 prrhyp   Result hcat per period
401 prritm   Result item
402 prriyp   Result item per period
403 prrmch   Result machinery
404 prrmyp   Result machinery per period
405 prrprj   Result project
406 prrpyp   Result project per period
407 prrtcca   Result cost category
408 prrtcyp   Result ccat per period
409 prrthca   Result hour category
410 prrthyp   Result hcat per period
411 prrtitm   Result item
412 prrtiyp   Result item per period
413 prrtmch   Result machinery
414 prrtmyp   Result machinery per period
415 prrtprj   Result project
416 prrtpyp   Result project per period
417 prrtty y_prrtty Rate type
418 prsccn y_prsccn Sub cost center
419 prsdep y_prsdep Sub department
420 prstat y_prstat Project state
421 prsurc y_prsurc Surcharge code
422 prtlpf   Link project to finance
423 prtrs   Project transactions
424 prtype y_prtype Project type
425 prunit y_prunit Project unit
426 prwiph   Work in progress
427 prwipl   Work in progress (Line)
428 prxes   Project external entry
429 prxlf   Link to finance
430 prxlp   Link purchase
431 prxlsi   Link sales invoice
432 prxlso   Link sales order
433 prxtrs   Project external transaction
434 rplcod   Report layout
435 scencode y_scencode Scenario codes
436 scentry y_scentry scenario entry lines
437 stalog   Action logging
438 stbent y_stbent Base entity
439 stbic y_stbic Bank Identifier Code
440 stblev y_stblev Base level
441 stbrlay   Browse layouts
442 stbrlayf   Browse layout fields
443 stcumdat   Cumulative data
444 stcumdef   Cumulative data definitions
445 stdefchg y_stdefchg Defaults and changeability
446 stdefico   Default icons
447 stestrh   Structure entry header
448 stestrl   Structure entry line
449 stetask   Tasks (current)
450 stexca   External categories
451 stexob   External objects
452 stextend   Table extensions
453 stformula   Formula
454 stgrpico   Icon group
455 sthtask   Tasks (current)
456 sticon   Icons
457 stifex   IFALL external calls
458 stjobh y_stjobh Job
459 stjobl y_stjobl Job parameters
460 stlnglay y_stlnglay Layouts per language
461 stltrm   Link terms to master data
462 stnactype y_stnactype Address type
463 stpostal   Postal codes
464 strecent   Application start
465 strule y_strule Rules
466 struleusr y_struleusr Rule users
467 ststrdet   Structure details
468 ststruc y_ststruc Structure
469 sttask   Task
470 stterm   Terms
471 sttran   Translations
472 sttsklst   Task list
473 sttstr   Structure transaction
474 sttstrt   Structure transaction notes
475 stuiprop   User interface properties
476 stuser y_stuser Users
477 stusgrp   User groups
478 stusrol   Roles per user
479 stusrpwd   User passwords
480 stxlink   XML export / import definition
481 stxlnode   Link node
482 stxsattp   Schema attribute type
483 stxsattr   Schema attribute
484 stxschem   XML Schema
485 stxselem   Schema element
486 stxseltp   Schema element type
487 titles y_titles titles
488 t_tdef y_t_tdef Test type definitions
489 t_tdfd y_t_tdfd Test type descriptions
490 t_tdsc y_t_tdsc Test field descriptions
491 t_test y_t_test Test field values
492 units y_units Units
493 usrlay   Layouts
494 vatbox y_vatbox VAT return boxes
495 vatbox_amt   VAT return box: Amounts
496 vathis   VAT history
497 vatlnb y_vatlnb VAT linked boxes
498 vatlnt   VAT linked total boxes
499 vatrep y_vatrep VAT fiscal representative
500 vattrs y_vattrs VAT codes
501 vouchl   Voucher headers
502 voucsl   Voucher sublines
503 xrates   exchange rates
504 z_findat   financial year data
505 z_link   Restrictions
506 z_sett y_z_sett Settings
507 z_sev   Several data
508 z_text   Text definitions
509 z_uset y_z_uset user settings

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