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Product Updates 420, 419, and 418: Statistical codes can be updated before INTRASTAT return report submission (Polish legislation)

You can now update the statistical codes for the INTRASTAT return reports before the submission process. The enhancement is introduced to avoid the return reports from being rejected, as the provision of the statistical codes is required to ensure successful report submission.

Note that this enhancement is applicable only to the new VAT module (accessible via Invoice Statistics Intrastat), and not to the old VAT module (accessible via Finance VAT/Statistics Rejestry VAT i Intrastat).

The enhancement is as follows:

Intrastat overview screen

The Statistical code field has been added under the Show section in the Intrastat overview screen (accessible via Invoice Statistics Intrastat). Before updating the statistical codes for the reports, you can filter them with the empty statistical codes by selecting the Empty option.

Once you have filtered the reports by the Empty option, you can update the statistical codes by selecting the reports, and then clicking the Update button. The following screen will then be displayed:

Select the Statistical nr. option in the INTRASTAT screen, and then click Start to define the statistical codes for the reports. You can then define the statistical code that is relevant to the reports in the following INTRASTAT maintenance screen:


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