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What information can be changed in Central Warehouse sales orders ?

Some general notes on using the

The following changed information in sales orders created by ICL in the 'central' database, is send back to the original sales order or purchase orders:

  • delivery date per order line

  • quantity per order line
    • set quantity to zero, to cancel the order line. This will be exported as quantity zero to the sales database, where the line will also be cancelled.
  • extra order lines
    • new order lines can be added to an already exported ICL order, in the sales/purchase database, or in the central database.

It is not possible to change item code or delete order lines in the 'central' database.

These changes would prevent ICL from handling these lines.

All other information on line level in  the central database can still be changed, but is not sent back to the sales order in the 'sales' company.

All information on order header level is not synchronized anymore, after the order has been created in the central database. 


An exported order line in  the sales- or purchase database is always locked, and cannot be changed. The created order line in the central database is always leading for changes.


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