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ICL error: Unknown error / Invalid reference 1 / Invalid use of Null

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When exporting fulfillments in menu Order, To be processed, ICL Central database, Export delivery notes, following error appears:

"Company (702): Error: Sales order (1000): Unknown error.
SDKSalesOrder.ValidateLine: SDKSalesOrder: Invalid reference 1.[Table:orsrg, Field:esr_aantal, value:8] : Invalid use of Null"



A possible reason for this error is using different settings for 'performance dates' in the ICL central and sales database.

For example, 'performance dates' were enabled in the sales database but not in the central database.

In that case, (temporarily) disabling performance dates in the ICL sales databases would allow you to complete export of delivery notes.

Usage of 'performance dates' can be configured in System, General, Settings, Order settings.


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