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Printing receipt label for sales order shipments


You can see this screen by clicking Process at the Shipment screen (go to Order/Entries/Shipping, select the relevant sales order, and then click Shipping). This screen allows you to process the shipment and print the receipt label for the shipping company.



Type or select a layout for the receipt label. By default, the receipt label layout is displayed based on the option selected at Receipt labels defined at System/General/Settings, under Documents settings, in the Logistics section.



Click this to specify the number of copies of receipt labels that you want to print. In the Quantity box, type the number of receipt labels that you want to print, and then click Save to save the information, or click Close to exit. By default, 1 is displayed.

Note: This button is enabled only if you have selected a shipping method.  


Click this to process the shipment, and print the receipt label.


Click this to exit.

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