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E-WMS - 'scan code' setting





This document provides more details on the E-WMS 'Scan code' setting, available in most E-WMS process settings.



For each E-WMS process, it is possible to determine how item codes are recognized on hand terminals; by alternate scan codes, or only by item code.

This setting has following choices:

  • Item code
    Only the Globe item code itself is recognized on the mobile device. Even if scan codes are linked to items, these will be disregarded ("item code only").
  • Scan code
    When a code is scanned in an 'item' field on the hand terminal, E-WMS will use this logic to search the item either in scan codes or in Exact Globe Next item codes:
    • search for the scanned code in the E-WMS scan codes table (ASP or CAB RF only)
    • search for the scanned code in items field 'scan code' (maintained in Exact Globe Next item maintenance, WMS button)
    • search for the scanned code in Exact Globe Next item codes

Special considerations

  • When you would have configured this setting to 'scan code', and you would scan '1000' in an item scan field, and this scan code would be found in the E-WMS scan codes table, then an item with item code '1000' will never be found.
    So maintain unique codes over all scan- and item codes. When entering WMS scan codes, it is validated if this code is unique - but only within the same table.
  • The setting 'Accept scancode only' prevents entry of Exact Globe Next item codes. This can be useful when you want to make scanning of (EAN128) bar codes mandatory, and prevent manual input of an item code.
  • The E-WMS General setting 'Export item data / Scan code' makes scan codes available on off-line CAB hand terminals
  • When using EAN128 bar codes in your warehouse, these will likely include EAN13/GTIN item recognition codes. These can be defined as scan code in E-WMS, and these need to be always 14 digits.
    When using the E-WMS CAB client software however, these need to be 13 digits (the first digit will be truncated on the hand terminal).


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