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PU 502 | 501 | 500 (Globe+) and 424 | 423 (Globe): Changes in Intrastat return 2022 (Dutch legislation)

In this product update, we implemented several changes to accommodate the Dutch Intrastat return 2022.

Country of origin shown in fulfillment records

You can now see the Country of origin in the fulfillment returns for Intrastat. If there is no value provided in the Country field, you can see the Country code from the Company data settings in the Intrastat text file. Otherwise, the country code that you have provided will be used.

Destination country and Country of assembly shown in return receipts

Additionally, you can now see the Destination country and Country of assembly in the return receipts. The Return fulfillment and Return receipt are updated according to the Goederenstroom code. For the returns, Transaction A2 needs to be filled with code 21.

Filter transaction types when generating Intrastat text file

You can filter the transaction type in the INTRASTAT return screen when you generate the Intrastat text file by selecting Sales, Purchase, or Both.

Export Intrastat return in Excel format

You can export the Intrastat return in Excel formatwhen you click Excel in the Invoice > Statistics > Intrastat screen. You can also filter the transactions to be shown in the report using the Type selection. The fields that are shown in Microsoft Excel are based on the selected type . You can use this Excel format to import the data into IDEP+.


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