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ICL error message "Unknown error. Order: No lines found" or "already being used in sales order history"


One of following error messages appears on ICL export of sales orders or purchase orders:

"Company (001): Error: Sales order (20400155): Unknown error. Order: No lines found."

"Administratie (001): Fout: Order (20400155): Onbekende fout. Order: geen regels gevonden."

"Company (001): Error: Sales order (20400161): Unknown error. Field 'Sales order number', Value '20400161': This sales order number is already being used in the sales order history.." + "Validate header failed"

"Administratie (001): Fout: Order (20400161): Onbekende fout. Field 'Verkoopordernummer', Value '20400161': Dit ordernummer wordt reeds in de orderhistorie gebruikt" + "Validate header failed"



This message will appear when an extra order line is added to a sales or purchase order in the sales (purchase) company, but the linked order in the 'central company' was already 'completed'.

So a scenario would be:

  • sales order is entered for a 'ICL' warehouse in ICL sales company
  • order was exported, SO was created in central company
  • the order was fulfilled in the central company and status was set to 'completed' automatically
  • 'ICL export delivery notes' was done, so purchase order and receipt (stock) was created in the sales company
  • now in the sales database, an extra order line was added manually (since this order was not completed yet here)
  • this new line is now seen by "ICL export orders" and ICL also notices that there's already a sales order linked in the central database so will use that existing sales order
  • ICL tries to add this line to the existing sales order in the central company, but fails with this error



  • Remove the added line from the sales order or purchase order in the sales company and create a new order for it.
  • Re-open the 'completed' sales order in the central company in menu Order, Reports, Sales orders. For example, add a text line without quantity.


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