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Authorizing sales orders and Return to Merchant Authorization (RMA) orders

Menu path

Order ➔ Entries ➔ Authorize


Authorizing sales orders is used for checking the sales orders created before the sales orders are processed. However, authorization is an optional process as it depends on the settings at System General Settings, under Order Settings. If you have selected the Sales order check box under the Authorize section, authorization becomes mandatory. Otherwise, the sales orders created will be authorized automatically.

You can also authorize return to merchant authorization (RMA) orders. However, if you have selected the RMA check box under the Authorize section at System General Settings, authorization becomes mandatory. Otherwise, RMA orders created will be authorized automatically.

Only employees with the necessary rights defined at System HR & Securities Resources, under the Rights tab, are allowed to authorize sales orders and RMA orders.

Sales orders must be authorized if you want to print sales order confirmations unless authorization is made optional. However, if authorization and confirmation is made optional, picking lists and delivery notes can be printed. Furthermore, RMA orders must be authorized before you can print return slips unless authorization is made optional.


You can filter the sales orders that you want to display by entering your search criteria and click Search. The sales orders that match the search criteria you have defined are then displayed. A list of options appears if you click  at Sales order, Ordered by, and other fields. From the list, make your selection and click Select.



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