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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Exact Synergy Enterprise web services: Technical reference of business entities for product update 264

The following entity services have been introduced for Exact Synergy Enterprise in this product update:

  • ContractLicenseELIS - This service is used to retrieve the license with an assortment other than the Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) assortment. It will return the MessageID of the license file.
  • ContractLicenseApplied - This service is used to log onto the server as an indication when the client has successfully applied the license into their database.
  • UserLoginType2 - This service is used to return the type of user logged in.
  • MultipleContractAvailable2 - This service is used to indicate whether the client has multiple contracts.

To make use of the business entities to manipulate the data using web services, you are required to understand the metadata. The technical reference provides you with the technical information required. You can download the technical reference here and open the ESE.Action.html file.

An example of the technical information is shown in the following:


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