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PU 423|422|421 (Globe) and 500|422|421 (Globe+): XRechnung version 2.1 is available for 2022

Exact Globe Next now supports the German XRechnung version 2.1 to ensure the exchange of your electronic invoices remains valid. This version takes effect in January 2022, so please run your latest product updater to continue using this feature efficiently.

After running the product updater, the XRechnung version 2.0 will be updated to version 2.1. For debtors who are currently linked to version 2.0, they will be automatically linked to the new version. Note that this does not affect debtors who are linked to the customised version.

The following is an example of the Layouts: Invoice screen with the XRechnung version 2.1 format that you can select from System > General > Settings > Document settings under the Logistics section at E-Invoice.


For more information, see Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: Route ID (Leitweg ID) supported for XRechnung (German legislation), Product Updates 421 and 420: XRechnung version 2.0.0 available for 2021 (German legislation), and Product Updates 421, 420, and 419: Introduction to e-invoice XRechnungver. 1.2.2 (German legislation).

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