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Product Updates 415 and 414: Enhancement to sales order fulfillment for explode–fulfillment items

The Backflush explosion items check box has been introduced in the Fulfilment section at System General Settings, under Order settings. This new setting is applicable if your Exact Globe Next has the SE1332 — E-Bill of Materials license. In addition, this setting affects only items with the Explode - Fulfillment attribute.

When this setting is enabled, the quantities of the exploded items in the order fulfillment screen are fixed and calculated from the quantity fulfilled of the main item based on the bill of material.

With this, you will now have to first define the quantity for the main item when performing a fulfillment for a sales order.

Once you click the Fulfilment button, the part items will be exploded based on the defined quantity of the main item. Thus, in the Actuals column in the next screen, the quantity of the part items exploded from the main item cannot be edited. See the first two lines in the following for an example:

Note that this enhancement is available from product update 414SP4 onwards. However, it is not applicable to Exact Software Development Kit.

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