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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Basic user role

Exact Synergy Enterprise is a powerful web-based solution that enables you to integrate, manage, control and improve the way all your people work together to add value across your business. Exact Synergy Enterprise is a scalable software solution i.e., you can start with one function and extend to others when you’re ready) that unites processes and connects information in one, two or all of these areas: employees, customers, and financial transactions. In doing so, it brings together the people who work in those functions. It simplifies work for one, provides greater insight for another, frees up time for someone else, and makes it a snap to check a customer history, find a colleague, monitor a complaint, archive e-mail and paper correspondence, coordinate a marketing campaign, or just request a vacation.

Users who have the Basic User role assigned, are able to:

  • Access Microsoft Reporting server reports (if the individual rights configured for the report allows it).
  • View and edit his or her own personal card.
  • View his or her calendar and planning.
  • View and search people.
  • Ability to participate in projects.
  • Link projects to requests.
  • Create, edit, search, and view person-specific and project-specific documents (managers can only view the person specific documents of their direct subordinates).
  • View items and link the items to the requests.
  • Create workflow request types as defined in the Request types allowed for Basic user role and Request types allowed for Synergy user sections of the HRM settings.
  • View and act on requests that meet the following conditions:
    • Request type must be defined in the HRM and Professional services automation settings (for more information, see the Request types available for Basic user role section),
    • In the request type definition, Basic user is selected at Role under the Flow tab in the respective section, and
    • Basic user will be involved in the request as the person or current creator.

Request types available for Basic user role

The Request types allowed for Basic user role section is available on the HRM: Settings page at HRM ➔ Setup ➔ General ➔ Settings.

You can define up to five request types in this section. People with the Basic user role will be able to create requests linked to the types that have been defined in this section, as well as the two types defined in the Request types allowed for Synergy user section.

In addition, they can enter and submit hours in the Non-project section on the Hours & expenses page for request types that have been defined at the following fields on the Professional services automation: Settings page:

  • Special leave
  • Vacation
  • Special leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Credit days
  • Other availability request types (Note that the request types defined here must also be defined in the Request types allowed for Basic user role section at the HRM: Settings page.)

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