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Small and medium-sized businesses are at the heart of every economy. They’re run by entrepreneurs. People with imagination, passion, ambition, and guts. People who understand the importance of speed, flexibility, innovation, customer relationships and customer service. A no-nonsense world where it’s normal to pull out all the stops. It’s challenging, exciting, and when things go right, there’s no better feeling. Exact Synergy is a software solution that pulls processes together and facilitates teamwork. It provides all you need to help run your business successfully. It’s scalable, so it can grow with your business. And it’s ready to go right out of the box, adding immediate value.

Users who have the Professional Role assigned, are able to:

1.     Gain full access to general functionality.

2.     Gain full access to HRM functionality.

3.     Gain full access to CRM functionality (in addition to CRM role the user gains access to export, mailmerge and marketing).

4.     Gain full access to Workflow functionality.

5.     Gain full access to Documents functionality.

6.     Gain full access to Item functionality.

7.     Gain full access to Opportunity functionality.

8.     Gain full access to Projects functionality.

9.     In general the Professional Role gains access to all available functionality except Role specific functionality (see extended).

10. Synergy Office Integration: Access above functionality.

11. Synergy Mobile: Access above functionality when available.

The Professional Role can be assigned to:

1.    Any Synergy User. The Professional role count (YA0020) will be decreased.

The Professional Role functionality can be extended by:

1.    Incoming Invoice Role*.

2.    Report manager Role*.

3.    Time Entry Role*.

4.    Project Controller Role*.

5.    Custom Solution Enabling Role.

6.   Project Manager Role*.

7.   Service Management Role*.

* The available Role count will not be decreased when assigned to a professional role user.

The Professional Role requires the following software components to be installed:

1.    Exact Synergy Enterprise.

2. The minimum requirement of an Exact Synergy Enterprise License is to have at least 1 Professional Role included.