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MSI and MSP installation guide for Exact Globe

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1. Introduction
2. Installation

2.1 Getting the MSI and MSP files
    2.2 Downloading MSI and MSP from the Download page
2.3 Installing MSI
    2.4 Updating MSP
3. Notes

1. Introduction

This document contains a step-by-step installation guide of MSI for Exact Globe. This guide is based on the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

1.1 What is an MSI file?

An MSI file is a Microsoft Windows installation package for all the files, settings, and configuration information for the associated application. This file is installed via Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI), an installation and configuration service that reduces the total cost of ownership.

1.2 What is an MSP file?

An MSP file is a Microsoft Windows installer patch package. This package contains only the changed targets compared to the initial installer package (the MSI file).

1.3 Advantages of using MSI

The MSI allows customers to provide better corporate deployment and provide a standard format for component management. For companies who do not want their users to have Administrator rights on their local computer, the main advantage of using the MSI application is that it works with Standard User rights as well. Thus it provides a more comprehensive user experience as users with only Standard User rights on their computer can install their own patches.

2. Installation

The following steps need to be completed for a successful installation.

2.1 Getting the MSI and MSP files

In order to get the latest MSI and MSP packages, go to the Exact Software's customer portal and click on the hyperlink for downloads ( After making your selection, you will be directed to an FTP site for the download.

2.2 Downloading MSI and MSP files from the Download page

  1. Go to the MSI Download page.
  2. Select Exact Globe in the Product Line.
  3. Select the corresponding product update number as the Release.
  4. Select the server you want to download from for the FTP Server.
  5. Select an Install Mode
    • Full Install - Will download the MSI installation file.
    • Update - Will download the MSP patch file.
    • Demo - Will download the Demo file.
    • Help - Will download the Help file.
  6. Click Download to start the downloading process. 
    Note: If you update to product update 395, a notification message will be displayed when downloading the MSI Installer.   
  7. The standard File Download - Security Warning screen will ask if you would like to RunSave or Cancel the download.
    Click Run if you would like to run the installation immediately.
  8. Click Save if you would like to download and save it into your local folder.
  9. Click Cancel if you would like to cancel the download and get back to the Download options page.
  10. When the download has completed, you will find the target files have been downloaded into your local directory.
  11. Click Close to exit the Download options page.

2.3 Installing MSI

  1. Double-click the Exact Globe.msi file to run the workstation installation.
  2. A welcome screen will be shown as below. Click Next to proceed with the installation. 
  3. An End User License Agreement will appear as shown below. Select the I accept the terms in the agreement license checkbox and click Next.
  4. Specify the Destination Folder as shown below and click Next
  5. Click Install if you are ready to install.   
  6. Once the installation has successfully completed, click Finish to complete the installation.
  7. You will find the Exact Globe shortcut on your Desktop, Program menu and in your Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.

2.4 Updating MSP

  1. Double-click the Exact Globe.msp file to run the workstation update.  
  2. Click Install to install a patch update.
  3. The application will compute the space requirement in your hard disk and will update the system registry values.
  4. Once the update has successfully completed, click Finish
  5. You will find that the latest updates in Exact Globe have been incorporated into the application. 

3. Notes

Please take note of the following limitations:

  • The MSI and MSP files are only available from product update 380 onwards.
  • Upgrading Exact Globe from lower releases to product update 380 via MSP is not allowed. If existing Exact Globe users want to start using the MSI/MSP update mechanism, the current version of Exact Globe must first be uninstalled from their local computers (via Add/Remove programs in the Control panel), followed by an installation of the MSI and MSP package.
  • Due to the difference in technology, Exact Globe installed with ProductUpdater cannot be updated using MSI or vice versa. You are required to uninstall the existing installation, and then reinstall with your preferred installation method.
  • An update using the MSP file is allowed only within the same product update. For example, if product update 392 was installed using MSI, you are not able to update the installation to product update 393. You will need to uninstall the product update 392 installation via the Control panel before downloading the MSI files for product update 393, and then perform a fresh installation.

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