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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Product Update 264: New features added for social collaboration

In this product update, new features have been added for social collaboration, such as the following:

Join button added for groups

You can now join a group by clicking the Join button. The Join button has been added to the group page and groups catalogue. 

Ability to copy the link of a feed in the timeline

You can copy the link of a feed in the timeline (main timeline, group timeline, personal timeline, record wall, and embedded timeline) by clicking Copy link in the overflow menu.

Once the link is copied, the message “Copied to clipboard” will be displayed. When the user views the copied link, the user will be redirected to the feed itself. The error message “Record not found” will be displayed if the link is invalid, the feed does not exist anymore, or the user does not have the rights to view the feed.

For more information, see Viewing timeline and Overview of group timeline page.


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