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Application Server - Hardware Requirements (Exact Financials 7.31)

Note that the following values are guidelines for the AppServer server requirements. The validity of these values must be evaluated in your actual environment. Technical consultancy is recommended.

Component Value Remarks
CPU Intel Core 2 Quad (2 Ghz) Processing power required is determined by users.
Memory (RAM) *

A single AppServer agent requires approximately 256Mb memory after having executed various tasks. A single AppServer agent can service approximately 4 concurrent users. If the server is used exclusively for AppServers then the required memory can be calculated as:

concurrent users / 4 * 256 MB + 1 GB for the operating system

Note that using memory mapped procedure libraries may help.

Free hard disk space 1 GB
1 GB
for procedure libraries 
for temporary files (per AppServer agent)

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