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Human Resource Management touches every employee and reaches into every department, facility and function. Result: high levels of administrative work and little time for strategic initiatives. But it can be different. The Exact solution for HR streamlines, clarifies and supports everyday administrative HR, from the moment someone’s recruited to the day they leave the company, leaving you more time to concentrate on achieving your strategic HR goals. 

Users who have the Employee Self Service Role assigned, are able to:

  1. Access MS Reporting server reports, if the individual rights configured on the report allow that.
  2. View and edit own resource card. 
  3. View his calendar and planning. 
  4. View and search resources. 
  5. Create 15 different workflow request types and on top of that 2 requests defined for Synergy user: vacation and task.
  6. Can participate in projects. 
  7. Relate projects to requests. 
  8. Create, edit, search and view resource and project specific documents (managers can only view resource specific documents of their direct subordinates). 
  9. Link items to requests and view items that are linked to requests.
  10. Synergy Office Integration: Access above functionality.
  11. Synergy Mobile: Access above functionality when available.
  12. Access MS Reporting services reports when the rights for the reports allow this
  13. Perform an evaluation
  14. View requests that meet the following conditions:
    • the request type must be defined in the HRM settings, and
    • the ESS user is involved in the request as the person or current actor or creator.

Note: A self Service Role user has only access to the functionality above; hyperlinks to other functionality may be present but are not accessible.

The Self Service Role can be assigned to:

  1. Any Synergy User. The available Employee Self Service count (YA1782) will be decreased.

The Self Service Role functionality can be extended by:

  1. Incoming Invoice Role. 
  2. Report manager Role. 
  3. Time Entry Role. 
  4. Project Controller Role. 
  5. Custom Solution Enabling Role. 
  6. CRM Role. 

The Self Service solution requires the following software components to be installed: 

  1. Exact Synergy Enterprise.