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Product Updates 420 and 419: JPK_VDEK electronic VAT reporting format introduced (Polish legislation)

As of October 1, 2020, it will be mandatory for all taxpayers to submit their VAT reporting in the JPK_VDEK format. The new reporting format will consist all VAT records and registrations, as well as the VAT declaration information, in a single document. It will also contain additional data that is required for the analysis of the correctness of settlement.

The JPK_VDEK format comes in two variants, which will cater to the following groups:

  • The JPK_V7 M format will cater to the taxpayers who pay their taxes monthly, and
  • the JPK_V7 K format will cater to taxpayers who pay their taxes quarterly. 

The old JPK_VAT format will still be supported in Exact Globe Next as transition to the new reporting format will happen gradually.

The enhancement will be applicable to the new VAT register module (accessible via Finance ➔ VAT / Statistics ➔ VAT register). For more information, see Product Update 417: Activation option available for VAT registration modules (Polish legislation).

The new functionality will be made available in Exact Globe Next as follows:


General ledger settings

Delivery and service indicator

Procedural marking

New VAT boxes

Data preparation for VAT register and JPK reporting

JPK_VDEK declaration and file generation

Mapping for JPK_VDEK

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