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Can not export purchase order lines with CW Purchase

Control Center 'Purchase / To be processed /  CW Purchase admin / Export purchase orders' does not show the expected purchase orders


The Control Center does show the expected purchase orders but when pressing Start this error occurs:
"Error: company (xxx): error: purchase order (nnnnnnn): No lines found, valid for change/fulfillment. Export file not created"

Possible causes

  • the Central Warehouse Purchase 'start date' is set too far in the future (check the supplier Central Warehouse button)
  • the receiving warehouse is set up as 'Central Warehouse'. A 'CW' warehouse can only be used to export sales orders, not for purchase orders.
  • the warehouse used is blocked
  • the supplier used is not set up (properly) as a CW supplier
  • the purchase order is not authorized or not printed (final) ("processed")
  • the proposed delivery date for the purchase order does not match the delivery date selection in the control center
  • the item used is not active as 'sales' item. When an item is only marked as 'purchase' and not as 'sales''  it is regarded as 'internal', which is disregarded by Central Warehouse
  • the purchase order already has status 'completed'
  • there are already receipts done on the order lines


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