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How-to: Consume BOMHeader and BOMLine entities

Create, update, and delete a bill of material (BOM) or BOM line via entities

This document describes the steps to consume BOMHeader and BOMLine entities to perform BOM maintenance via entities.

The entities involved are BOMHeader and BOMLine. Similar to other parent-child entity, BOM consists of header and lines.
TransactionKey property is a GUID to group this parent and child entity within the same BOM.

These entities support:





Retrieve all BOM header

Retrieve all BOM lines


Retrieve BOM header by ID or ItemCode+Version

Retrieve BOM line by ID or ItemProd+Version+SequenceNo


Trigger Create BOM function

Create lines into EntityTransactions table
Provide “Action” property to indicate the desire action to the BOM line


Trigger Update BOM function



Trigger Delete BOM function

Delete Records in EntityTransactions by TransactionKey


Use BOMHeader to trigger the New, Update and Delete processes. IsForEditing and Action is a virtual property that does not exist in the metadata. These properties indicate the process to be carried out.

How do I create BOM?

A) From the BOMLine entity:

  1. Add properties for BOM line. TransactionKey is optional for the first line. A TransactionKey will be returned if it is not provided.
  2. Add a property Action = “ADDNEW”.
  3. Call “Create”.
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 for multiple lines, use the same TransactionKey.


B) Trigger the action with BOMHeader:

  1. Fill in the BOM header information with the same TransactionKey.
  2. Call “Create”.


How do I delete BOM?

Use BOMHeader:

  1. Add ID. An ID is the key to delete a BOM.
  2. Call ‘Delete’.


How do I edit the BOM, header, line, and add or delete line?

  1. Retrieve the BOMHeader with IsForEditing = True, a TransactionKey is returned.
  2. To edit, add, or delete BOM line:

    a) Assign new value to the properties to be edited in BOMLine, provide TransactionKey returned from step 1.

    b) Add Action = “EDIT” to edit the line,

    Action = “ADDNEW” to add new line, or

    Action = “DELETE” to delete the line.

    c) Call “Create” at: This action will enter a line in the EntityTransactions table.

    d) Repeat steps 2 a - c to edit multiple lines.

    e) Use BOMHeader, provide TransactionKey call “Update”.


How do I edit the BOM header?

  1. Retrieve the BOMHeader with IsForEditing = True, a TransactionKey is returned.
  2. Assign a new value to the properties to be edited in BOMHeader.
  3. Provide TransactionKey, and then call “Update”.

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