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What master data is involved when using Central Warehouse ?

Some general notes on using the

In general, all master data like customers and items has to be maintained manually. ICL (Central Warehouse) will not synchronize master data.

Some general guidelines on master data involved in the ICL processes :

  • items in the 'sales' or 'purchase' database must have the 'central company' supplier as 'main supplier'
  • in this item/supplier link, the currency, purchase price and VAT-code should be correctly entered in the sales (or purchase) company
  • the VAT code used in the supplier's financial master data is used primary by ICL when creating the purchase invoice
  • items in the sales/purchase database must be linked to each 'Central' warehouse used
  • serial- or batch items must be serial- or batch items in all companies involved
  • selection codes used in the sales/purchase database should exist in the central database (when copying of 'selection codes' is enabled in ICL settings of the intercompany debtor)
  • shipping methods used in the sales/purchase database should exist in the central database
  • the currency code used for the sales debtor in the central database should be the same as the currency code for the 'central' supplier in the sales/purchase database (when using ICL invoice export)
  • the purchase prices in the sales/purchase database should be the same as selling prices in the central database, so you might want to set up price lists in the central database linked to the intercompany sales/purchase customer.
  • when using ICL invoice export, it is advisable to use the ICL VAT (tax) link table in System/Logistics/Intercompany logistics/ICL VAT links. When the linked VAT code is found in the exported invoice, ICL will not apply the supplier's default VAT code but use this table.
  • If you are using rule items (only supported as added 'specific' rule in the 'central' database, from release 1320 09/2009); the rule item code must exist in both companies, and 'ICL VAT links' must be used when using ICL 'export invoices'
  • When using ICL item code , make sure this alternate item code is available in the central company.

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