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Authorizing payment


It is necessary to authorize payments that are made. This is to ensure accountability for payments made, and to monitor the cash outflow in a company.

Menu path

Go to Cash flow ➔ Payments ➔ Authorize or Payroll ➔ Payments ➔ Authorize and click Display.


You can filter the payments you want to authorize by defining the search criteria and clicking Refresh. The payments to be authorized that match the search criteria you have defined are then displayed.


Select this check box to view prepayment transactions. Prepayment transactions are advanced payment created at Cash flow ➔ Payments ➔ Prepayments & Transfers.

To be authorized

Select this check box to view the payment that needs to be authorized. You can also authorize payment at Cash flow ➔ Payments ➔ Authorize.

Already authorized

This check box is selected by default and enables you to view payment that has been authorized. For authorized payment, the Authorized box in the cash flow process will have a green check mark to indicate that the payment has been authorized.

Payments in transit

Select this check box to view all payment in transit.


Click this to show or hide the unmatched payment or receipt transactions in the lower pane of the result section.

Note: The  and  button will be available only if Show check box at the Payments and Receipts section is selected when defining the search criteria before displaying the results.

Click this to display the Transaction field.

Group by

Select the required method to group the payment. You can choose to group by Details, Payment reference, Creditor, or Our ref.. By default, Details is selected.


Select the type of payment transactions you want displayed. You can choose from payment transactions that relate to Purchase invoice, Purchase credit note, Other, Payroll, or POS Sales invoice. By default, All is selected.



Click this to view the summary report of the payment transactions.


Click this to view the debtor/creditor card. For more information, see Viewing creditor card.

+5 Days

Click this to add five days to the payment date.

+10 Days

Click this to add 10 days to the payment date.


Click this to edit the debtor or creditor information. For more information, see Maintaining accounts payable.


Click this to export the data to Microsoft Excel.


Click this to block the payment transactions from further actions.


Click Simple to hide the advanced criteria. Click Advanced to display advanced criteria.


Click this to display the search results according to the defined criteria.


Click this to add a new note or to view existing notes for the selected account. Type a note, click Timestamp (optional), Save and then Close to exit.


Click this to view further details of the payment transaction.

Our ref.

Click this to view the complete transaction of the selected line based on the internal reference.

Your ref.

Click this to view the complete transaction of the selected line based on the customer reference.


Click this to view the purchase order or sales order of the selected payment transaction. For more information, see Overview of purchase orders.


Click this to authorize the payment. If you select a payment that is already authorized, a pop-up message "Already authorized" will be displayed. Click Continue to unauthorize the payment. This payment will then be displayed when you select the To be authorized check box. 


Click this to match the invoices with the cash flow entries. For more information, see Matching payments or receipts to invoices.


Click this to assign Own account, Payment date, Payment method, or To Cash instrument to the payment transaction.


Click this to group the selected invoices manually or automatically based on Payment reference, Payment date, Own account, Payment method, or To Cash instrument (this is not necessary for a single debtor or creditor).

Select all/Deselect all

Click Select all to select all payment transactions. This button then changes to Deselect all. Click Deselect all to clear all selected payment transactions. 


Click this to exit.

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