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Product Updates 418, 419 and 420: New settings for E-Invoice to utilize stylesheets

Electronic invoices in Exact Globe Next can now use XSL stylesheets. Style sheets allow for standardised formatting of XML files. In this case, default and user-defined stylesheets can be applied onto Exact Globe Next electronic invoices.

This enhancement has introduced the following changes:

  • Updated Documents settings screen.
  • Ability to link customized stylesheet from the accounts receivable maintenance screen.

A new E-Invoice field has been added under the Logistics section of the Documents settings screen. This field can be used to specify the XSL style sheets to be used for electronic invoices.

Currently, only Belgium and the Netherlands are supported. Therefore, the default style sheets are:

  • NL UBL2.1 (SI1.1)
  • NL UBL2.1 (SI1.2)
  • NL UBL2.1 (SI2.0)
  • BE UBL2.1 (BIS2.0)
  • BE UBL2.1 (BIS3.0)

Users are also able to define and upload their own style sheets. At this field, either default or customized style sheets can then be linked, either individually or by batch, to selected debtors.

The new field in the Documents settings screen is shown as follows:

Alternatively, customized style sheets can also be linked from the accounts receivable maintenance screen. This is shown as follows:

Once linked from the Documents settings screen, it will be reflected in the individual accounts receivable screen and vice versa.

Note: If more than one customization ID is present in a stylesheet, the stylesheet will be set to the oldest version found according to the following order:

  1. SI1.1
  2. SI1.2
  3. SI2.0
  4. BIS2.0
  5. BIS3.0

Changes arising from this affect localised solutions. These are detailed in Product Updates 418, 419 and 420: Updated E-Invoicing support for SI1.2-UBL2.1 and SI2.0-UBL 2.1 (Dutch legislation) and Product Updates 418, 419 and 420: Updated E-Invoicing support for BIS3.0 (Belgian legislation).

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