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Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: Withholding tax report improved for financial year 2020 and 2021 (Italian legislation)

In line with the recent legislation changes, the withholding tax certification in various formats has been improved. With this, a new dynamic Certificazione Unica header has also been supported for the financial year 2020 and 2021. This applicable only to the purchase transactions.

The following are the improvements that have been implemented in Exact Globe:

Dynamic Certificazione Unica header

The header will now display the correct version based on the current financial year. Previously, the header displayed a static 2020 version, regardless of the financial year option that had been selected.


Report type selection

Now, when you select a report type, you will see the options Certificazione Unica and Certificazione CUR, instead of the previous options Certificazione UNICA 2020 and Certificazione CUR 2020. The change has been made to avoid confusion that the report would only be applicable for the financial year 2020.


Group by fiscal code

You can now group the reports by the fiscal code. In the case that a fiscal code has not been defined for a creditor, the VAT number will be used instead.


New reason codes

Eight new reason codes have been added. In addition, the reason code “ZO” has been updated to “Z”.

Withholding tax certification with zero amount

When a witholding tax code for the Certificazione Unica report has a zero percentage, and the non-taxable base percentage is other than zero, the base amount will be displayed in the VAT box 7, and the sums of boxes 7 and 8 will be displayed in box 4.


Box 6 with the value of 8

When the normal tax code, and the nature code, are “N1”, and are used in the purchase transactions, the amount will be reflected in page 2 of the report, and box 6 will reflect the value of “8”. This logic is applicable to both Certificazione Unica and Certificazione CUR reports.


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