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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Exact Synergy Enterprise User Guide Startpage (English)

Below is the list of Exact Synergy Enterprise Implementation Manuals for each update. The latest documentation is listed under the respective section. If the documentation is unavailable for a certain module, it is deemed there are no significant updates to the particular manual. You may refer to the manual from the earlier version.

Implementation Manuals (English)                                                  Product update 254 & below Product update 255 & above
Central Master Data Management (CMDM)
Service Management Download PDF (11.1MB)
SQL Reporting Server Integration Download PDF (1.7MB) Download PDF (11.1MB)
Implementation Download PDF (11.5MB) Download PDF (11.5MB)
Professional Services Automation (PSA)
Financial Download PDF (8.5MB) Download PDF (8.5MB)
B2B E-Commerce Portal Download PDF (2.89MB) Download PDF (10.8MB)
E-Business Portal Download PDF (5.0MB)
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