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How-to: Storing data in Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe Next for Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS)


Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) allows administrators to install and configure various solutions for different clients in a centralized location. Previously, if the administrators want to install Exact solutions, such as Exact Integrator, they have to install the solutions in the Exact Synergy Enterprise server and every client machine with Exact Globe Next.

With ELIS, a management console can be used to install all the solutions in one place and these solutions can be maintained from the same place. ELIS does this by communicating with the products via web services and deploys all the files and configurations into the target client database. Thus, all the web servers that are connected to the same database or all the clients that are sharing the same database will have the solutions installed automatically.


This document describes the following:

  • Deploying files and configurations to Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe Next.
  • Preventing problems from occurring during backup or restoring of databases.


The information in this document is only for the administrators and consultants whereby this document describes the way ELIS handles data in Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe Next databases, and the ways to prevent problems from occurring when restoring the database for the products.

Manually amending the data in the database that are related to ELIS might cause errors and the solutions might stop working.

Database tables

The following database tables in the Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe Next databases belong to ELIS:

  • IntegrationServers - When you register the client in the ELIS management console, ELIS will also be registered in the target product. This will help Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe Next to communicate with ELIS. This database table contains the following information:
    • ELIS instance name
    • ELIS services URL
    • Registered client ID
  • ClientFiles - This database table contains the files that are deployed by ELIS. The binary data of the files, DLLs, configurations are stored in this table with AddonID and ActivationID. All the files with the same ActivationID are linked together. If any of the files are missing, the solution will not work properly. Furthermore, some of the file names in the system are fixed. If you change the file names manually, the integrity of the solution files will be broken.

Backup and restore

All the files and configurations will be stored in the database. When you back up the database, all the solution files and configurations will be included in the backup. Thus, if you want to restore the database, all the files and configurations will be restored and the solution will work as before. However, the following must be adhered to:

  • Restore the database with the same version as Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe Next for compatibility purposes.
  • If any of the configurations were changed when the database was restored, for example, changing the database name or database server, ensure the product properties in the ELIS management console are also changed.
  • If you add the same product into ELIS after restoring the database, you will get a duplication error. Use ELIS Client Repair Tool to remove the old data and files. After that, set up the server again.
  • If any modifications were made to ELIS (for example, changing the product information or adjusting the activation configuration) when Exact Synergy Enterprise or Exact Globe Next was not available and the data on ELIS and client product are different, an error will occur when the solutions try to communicate with ELIS. Use ELIS Client Repair Tool to solve the problem.
  • If there are files and configurations in the ClientFiles table but ELIS has not been set up or the server has been moved, the client product will still generate a message. To remove the solutions, remove the records from the ClientFiles table. However, do not modify the table if you do not know how the table works. Refer to the Systems database documentation manual.

Changing and renaming servers

If you rename or change the Exact Synergy Enterprise web server or Exact Globe Next entity server, the URL of the products will be changed. Define the new URL address in the ELIS management console.

If you change ELIS, all the clients that use ELIS must be updated with the new ELIS URL. Use ELIS Client Repair Tool to adjust the required information in the clients’ database.

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