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Exact Globe+   

Installation Exact Globe+


Exact Globe+ needs to be installed before you can start working with the software. Besides Exact Globe+, Microsoft SQL Server needs to be installed for managing the databases of your companies. This document explains the different scenarios.

Check the system requirements

Check the system requirements to determine if your system meets the requirements for the specific product update and which version of MS SQL Server is supported in combination with that product update.


For the installation, it is assumed that SQL Server is already installed. If this is not the case, you first have to install SQL Server. In a standalone scenario, you have to install SQL Server on the workstation. When working in a network environment, SQL Server needs to be installed on the server. For more information about the installation of SQL Server, see Installing SQL Server.

For Exact Globe+ two installation scenarios are possible:

  • Standalone installation - In a standalone scenario, you have one computer on which you are working with Exact Globe+. Both Exact Globe+ and SQL Server are installed on this computer. It is possible that this computer is part of a network but if you are only using Exact Globe+ on this computer and all software related to Exact is installed on this computer, then this is a standalone installation.
  • Network installation - The SQL Server is installed on the server. A network installation of Exact Globe+ is installed on the server. On the different workstations, a workstation installation of Exact Globe+ is performed. In a company, multiple people can work at the same time.

Alternatively, you can also perform seamless migration. For more information, see How-to: Migrating from Exact Globe to Exact Globe+.

Migrating to the Exact Globe+ 64-bit version

Before you migrate to the 64-bit version, please make sure to do the following:

  • Backup your database in case something unexpected happens.
  • Remove the Exact Globe Next and Exact Globe+ 32-bit versions before proceeding with the installation of the Exact Globe+ 64-bit version.
  • For network installation, we advise to install the Exact Globe+ 64-bit version on a clean installation environment. If there are standalone installations of prior Exact Globe copies, remove them first.
  • For the standalone installation, the product updater will be copied automatically to your desktop to start the 64-bit installation after uninstalling the 32-bit version.

You will be prompted to download the network installation in a new folder. You should install the Exact Globe+ 64-bit version in a different folder from the 32-bit version if that is not removed yet.

Standalone installation

Network installation

Performing an update

Update standalone installation

Update network installation

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