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Troubleshooting Central Warehouse 'purchase' database (CW Purchase)

Some general notes on using the

1.     A Purchase order is not exported to the central database, or expected purchase order is not shown in the Control Center.

·         Can not export purchase order lines with CW Purchase

·         for more detailed criteria see document Troubleshooting Central Warehouse: Control Center selections, section "cw purchase export orders"

2.       How does CW know which purchase orders should be handled by CW, and which ones not ?
The CW 'trigger' for purchase orders is based on the supplier, so this supplier has to be set up correctly through the CW button in supplier maintenance.

3.       When configuring CWH Purchase, which supplier should I use as 'CW' supplier ?
If you use an existing supplier with active purchase orders, these older purchase orders will also generate new sales orders in the central company. To avoid this, the CW setting 'CW Purchaseorder startdate' can be used, which acts as a filter on purchase order entry dates.

4.       Can I use the same warehouse for CW Purchase as used for CW order/order ?
You should never use the warehouse used for CW order/order in a CW purchase order. Just use your actual (internal) warehouse code for the purchase orders. Purchase orders placed in a CW warehouse are not shown in the Control Center 'export purchase orders'


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