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The Exact Globe entity services enable the integration of multiple systems. With the entity services, you are able to make use of existing data by retrieving and manipulating the available data in the system with the various applications that support your business. This reduces the repetition in data entry and update process.

This startpage provides information related to the entity services as well as technical information of the business entities.

Note: The PayrollComponent entity is not supported for the Dutch legislation.

Introduction to Exact Globe Entity Services (Pending)

 Changes Made to Entity Services Properties for Exact Globe

 Exact Globe Next REST Services

 CRUD actions using the REST entity service

 Exact Web Services in SoapUI

 Financial transaction web services

 How-to: Consume Exact Globe Entity Metadata Services

 How-to: Consume Entity Services Using Generic Entity

 How-to: Consume Binary and Document Entity Services 

Using Notification Function Of Exact Globe Entity Services

 How-to: Consume Binary and Entity Web Services

 How-to: Retrieve Set

 How-to: Creating Header and Line Data through Entity Services

 How-to: Consume BOMHeader and BOMLine entities

 How-to: Consume ProductionHourRealization entity

 How-to: Consume ProductionIssue entity

 How-to: Consume ProductionReceipt entity

 How-to: Consume ProductionReturn entity

 How-to: Consume ProductionScrap entity


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